• Cloudberry not backing up or able to send logs
    Yea. Haven't touched the service account, which is actually my username/password, and with appropriate privileges. No new security software added. Just Malware bytes and Windows defender.

    Even a local backup from C:\temp to F:\temp won't run.

    Version is

    Will see about submitting a support case from the web site and manually submitting logs, which includes:

    Communication error. Channel will be recreated. There was no endpoint listening at net.pipe://localhost/CloudBerryLabCloudBerry%20Backup/CBBPlanStatusMonitor that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if present, for more details.
    2021-06-05 05:50:13,312 [PL] [48] ERROR - Failed to save status file

    (ServiceCommunicationException) 00:00:33.2637595 206819 1048576/1048576 Running
  • Onedrive for Business backup option
    Well, this is all VERY unfortunate indeed. I was more than happy to use my O365 based OneDrive as a backup destination, even at a trickle. Guess I'd better not delete my current OneDrive config as it still seems to be running.
  • restore image EC2
    Same issue here, and this is the ONLY Google search result. Would love to see a 'fix'. The response by 'Result-it' was poorly worded and not understandable.