• Testing Bootable USB - missing operating system
    SOLVED: In case anyone wants to know - CloudBerry Bootable USB Bare Metal Image Restore worked perfectly on a Windows 10 Machine. It did not work on the Windows 7 Machine, so I would say to anyone with the same issue - Test your Bootable USB if you plan to continue to use Windows 7 (end of Windows 7 support is Jan 2020)
  • Testing Bootable USB - missing operating system
    This is what I do to invoke the bootable USB - turn computer on > press F12 to invoke the Boot Menu > Select USB device (the only one connected at the time) > Hit Enter to select the device > "Missing operating system" - It is almost like Cloudberry Backup does not place a boot file in order to load the OS.

    I used another new USB drive and made another Bootable USB using Cloudberry backup. Same result.
  • Testing Bootable USB - missing operating system
    Yes, Anton - that is correct. it is a Windows 7 Machine that I'm using because I did not have a Server 2016 to test with. But I imaging Windows 7 will do the job for this test.

    I am using CloudBerry Backup.


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