• CloudBerry Remote Assistant 2.2 Released !
    "Service Request failed: unable to connect, another connection is established." I get this message after having the connection between my system and the remote system fail. I know there is no other connection to the remote system, but am unable to reestablish the connection until the remote system is rebooted by someone at that location. Sometimes I continue to get this message even after a remote reboot.
  • Remote Assistant 2.2 Connection Problem
    Connection to Windows 8.1 laptop is acting very strangely.
    1. Encrypted and unattended access both selected on the remote, encryption key entered on local system. Still requires pin on every access and pin changes after every reboot.
    2. Selected 99 days for pin change on remote. still changes pin on every reboot.
    3. Remote must be signed on locally before Cloudberry Remote access is possible.
    4. While installing Windows Updates on remote, got the message that pin was invalid in the middle of the session where pin had already been successfully entered.
    5. When performing administrative tasks, such as uninstalling a program, or changing Windows features, remote access hangs and whatever the task is must be completed on the remote system.

    The background is that the remote system (HP laptop) had a hard drive failure and had to do a complete recovery. All of these issues occurred while trying to apply all of the Windows updates remotely.

    I love Cloudberry Remote and have had none of these problems communicating with other laptops running Windows 10, so I was extremely surprised when these things happened. Keep up the good work!
  • CloudBerry Remote Assistant 2.2 Released !
    I am running Windows 10 Pro on the local system and Windows 8.1 on the remote. Since the installation of the new version, a pin is required at every login even though unattended access is selected on the remote machine. Also, when I try to perform an administrative procedure such as add features to Windows 8, I can no longer control the remote system and have to have someone local to that system complete the procedure. I did not have to enter the pin in previous versions, but did have to sign on to the remote system using the Windows signon.

    It would be useful to be able to view/change options in Cloudberry Remote on the remote system. i realize this could be considered a security issue, but if one has already been granted full control it seems to me that it is a moot point.
  • Help us choose the next big feature
    The ability to use the application before login on the remote system. If there is already a way to do this, I beg your pardon - I have not discovered it. Please enlighten me.:nerd:

    We all know that Windows frequently requires a reboot for various reasons. If that is the case while I am operating remotely, I believe I will be out of luck until someone is available to login to the remote system locally. This is a deal killer for the type of usage I would make of this application.

    I really like the application - it is way superior to Remote Desktop - and I really hope this issue can be resolved quickly!


    Ron Williams