• Restoring after a hard disk crash
    I already know my license keys. When I enter the license key from my computer it fails because the license is already attached to another computer. It is really the same computer, but Cloudberry doesn't know that.
  • Deleting files from a hybrid backup.
    Okay, so there really isn't so much a minimum retention requirement as a minimum interval charge.
  • Deleting files from a hybrid backup.
    Thank you, that seems to work great. Now I am worried about the Glacier backup stuff though. If I delete something with the storage tab on the glacier account, will it delete it immediately from the galcier storage or wait for the 90 days to elapse?
  • Removed folder in backup-source is not deleted from Azure blob storage
    This seems like a major flaw. Typically I change my backup plan to exclude some large files that do not need to be backed up, often created by installing a new program. I'll see a sudden increase in backup storage, find out what changed and then exclude the new files. But that means that this extra storage ends up being used forever.

Brian Utterback

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