• Installing CloudBerry Linux CLI locally without root access?
    Hi Caleb,

    My use case is very simple: I have a shared hosting Linux server account without root access. I'd like to use Cloudberry to back up my files. I'm reasonably comfortable using the Linux command line, and can schedule cron jobs as needed. In addition to SSH terminal access, the hosting company provides cPanel functionality.

    An alternative use case would be if you had a Softaculous installation script. Many hosting companies (including mine) support Softaculous software installation.

    Let me know if you have questions...
  • Installing CloudBerry Linux CLI locally without root access?
    Thanks for the response Julia. I can appreciate that the full package with its web interface requires root access, but would it be possible to install and use just the CLI without root access?

    The AWS-CLI (Amazon Web Services Command Line Interface) can be installed and run w/o root access, but I'd prefer to use Cloudberry because of it's great support for backup history/rotation and so on. If Cloudberry doesn't have this feature yet, please consider adding it.