• Cursor issues
    Note that there is a different issue in my other graphics program, CorelDRAW. The cursors there are correct, however, there is always an hourglass next to them. It doesn't interfere as much, so not as much of an issue.
  • Cursor issues
    See attached. Cursor in the middle of the screen, black square with with cursor. Not what the real cursor in Adobe Illustrator looks like, and selection point of real cursor seems to be offset from what I see, so hard to select small objects. Real cursor is just an arrow and indicator of function. Note when moving the cursor, the real one lags slightly behind your cursor, that's how I know it's there.
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  • Cursor issues
    A screenshot does not capture the cursor when on the remote comdputer. If I go from full screen on my local computer, then capture, the cursor on the remote is the real remote cursor. but a soon as I move my cursor over the remote screen it changes. Maybe I can take a pic with my phone.............

R Brown

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