• Linux backup directly to AWS Glacier
    I don't know your specific details but in my case with approx 600gb backed up nighly by CBB Linux standalone to S3 with transition to Glacier immediately costs around $5 - 6/mth. My initial full backup cost was around $12 the first month. If you haven't done so yet check the Amazon S3 calculator. It's a good tool to Est what your costs will be.

    Also I'm sure you know but once CBB does the initial backup it doesn't scan the whole S3 repository again and again racking up charges. It scans the local system for changes compared to its last backup from a local database.

  • What's new - Backup for Linux v
    After more checking it seems that it has reverted all of the back plans to a full, so either i have to figure out how to fix it or I have to do full backups of all of my plans again. Any suggestions?
  • What's new - Backup for Linux v
    Hi Gleb,

    It seems there's a bug in the Linux client that resets the S3 storage class back to the default of standard
    when upgraded to the new version. This forces a full backup of all data and now that data is being storage in the wrong class.

    Resetting the storage class on the plan does reset it, but it shouldn't reset the class to start with.
  • Here are our plans. What else do you want to be added?
    I would love to see an official docker image. I am finding it is really easy to manage and upgrade docker containers. They also run well even in small servers like my Intel NUC which currently running four, soon to be five containers.
  • Browsing mount points with autofs in Ubuntu 18.04
    Hi Gleb,

    I'm pretty sure that is exactly what is happening. My workaround is doing what you mentioned. I touch a file in each of the shares before the backup kicks off to make sure it is mounted.

    I was wondering if there is a way to do a file refresh so the CBB Linux file browser will show the files once it accesses it the first time. I've tried the refresh but it doesn't seem to do anything.

    On a side related note, the docker install is working really well. I had one minor issue with one of the mount points being read only preventing me from restoring a file but besides that I'm pretty impressed with it.
  • CloudBerry Backup installed in a container
    I just got a Docker container spun up for backing up my NAS on my Ubuntu server. So far it seems to be working pretty well. The quirk I have is the browser window when setting up a backup. I use autofs to mount the drives. Autofs is working cause it shows up in the console as being mounted, but the file browser in CBB doesn't show any files. I have to restart the container for it to read it properly. For now I setup a cron to touch a file a few mins before CBB does it backups at night to make sure the mounts are up.