• Global options display
    Thank you! Fumbled into it based on your suggestion:
    ./cbb option -get
    CloudBerry Backup Command Line Interface started
    option -get <default_option>
    -get <default_option>: Possible values:
    n(-notification) Notification email and user name
    is(ignoressl) Ignore SSL certificates
    bw(-bandwidth) Bandwidth on backup to cloud storages
    bwl(-bandwidthLocal) Bandwidth on backup to local storages
    mu(-memoryusage) Max allowed memory usage for multi threaded operations
    tc(-threadcount) Thread count
    cs(-chunksize) Default chunk size
    qs(-queuesize) Queue size for Glacier restores
    ps(-proxy) Proxy settings
    cp(-chunkpath) Temporary chunks path, used on multipart upload
    wa(-webaccess) Web Interface settings
    sb(symlinkbackup) Symlinks backup mode
    l(logging) Logging settings
    c(connection) Connection settings
  • Global options display
    Yes, and it shows how to set them, but not how to only display them.