• Cloudberry Backup Ultimate taking more than 24 hours and remains in "purging files" state

    In the logs, that you provided there are numerous errors with some source files:

    2023-11-10 09:25:36,379 [CL] [14] ERROR - Command::Run failed:
    Copy; Source:
    \\\Jobs\18 2023\01 Dubai\231027 - DWC Luxury Residences\01 Cost Management\01 Estimates\1. Concept Estimate\3. PO\ANTONIO LUPI-SANITARY\REV.01-VO1- 2.ОФЕРТА -обновена и подписана на 08_12_2022\RECEIPT 2022-L00583 ADV.80
    ON VARITAION ORDER-SANITARY.pdf ; Destination:/rlbaefs01/CBB_RLBDPM/$Jobs/18 2023/01 Dubai/231027 - DWC Luxury Residences/01 Cost Management/01 Estimates/1. Concept Estimate/3. PO/ANTONIO LUPI-SANITARY/REV.01-VO1- 2.ОФЕРТА -обновена и подписана на 08_12_2022/RECEIPT 2022-L00583 ADV.80
    ON VARITAION ORDER-SANITARY.pdf$/20230617073746/

    CloudBerryLab.Base.Exceptions.BadRequestException: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request. ---> System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Reque

    meaning, that in files' names there are some characters, that are not supported by Azure storage provider. This could cause the backup hanging. There are 2 workarounds for such situation:
    1. Navigate to the Backup History tab, find files, that are generating this error and exclude such files and all similar once from the backup source;
    2. Use New Backup format: https://help.msp360.com/cloudberry-backup/backup/about-backups/new-backup-format
  • Does the Task pane in Cloudberry Explorer have a scroll bar?

    I was able to reproduce this behavior on my side. I created a feature request for our R&D department regarding this, added you to the list of customers who are expecting it to be implemented. Unfortunately, there is no ETA regarding this.
  • How to improve the search speed?

    I'm afraid there is no way to improve it just yet. Our R&D department is in the process of improving Cloudberry Explorer's search engine at the moment. I have added your request to wait list for this request and forwarded it to our R&D team. Unfortunately there is no ETA regarding when exactly this will be implemented.

Anastasia Suprun

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