• Chris Austin
    I am having a performance issue with accessing a S3 drive using the CB Drive software. It is taking 20-30 minutes to bring up a directory listing for one of the sub-folders. This folder contains 1500+ files that occupy about 12GB. I am wondering if this could be an artifact of me having encryption turned on for the drive.

    Because of the time it takes to refresh the directory listing it is impossible to move the entire sub-directory back to a local disk. It will move one or two files and then report all of the other files as no longer available.
  • Matt
    Advanced options parameters(encryption, compression, display original modified date, etc) can affect performance significantly.
    Do you experience the same issues when disabling encryption?

    If you're still struggling with this problem please send diagnostic logs by going to CloudBerry Drive tray icon, right-click and choose Diagnostic, use "Send to Support" button there. The logs will be sent to our support team automatically. Don't forget to mention this forum thread in the issue description.
  • Chris Austin
    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your quick reply and i am in the process of uploading the files without encryption. While i did expect performance hits when storing and retrieving a file, I was not expecting that these options would effect a directory list command.

    I did find a possible work around for the problem by changing that cache timeout period to 3600 (1 hour). Since this bucket is exclusive to the attached server I do not think that we need to refresh the listing that often, but I am not sure. Do you see any issue with changing this parameter?
  • Matt
    The "Folder cache retention period" option controls the directory listing expiration. If someone uploads a file to a cloud from another computer, the Drive won't be able to see this change in listing until retention period expires (even if you click "Refresh" button in Windows Explorer). You should click "Refresh" and wait for this time period, the next "Refresh" will reload folder contents from the cloud.

    In short, better to leave this parameter as it is if you're using it on just this machine, but I can suggest to tweak the folder cache size and maybe even disable it. You'd need to manually clear up cache folder after that.
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