• Roger Averdahl
    I am good at computers, how they work and how to fix them but feel that all aviable cloud storage options out there are a bit overwhelming, hence this post.

    I want to back up data to the cloud and use it more or less as a off-site storage, iow i will upload approx 1.2TB and only download anything if my house is set on fire or if my computer gets stolen. Once a week i will upload one (1) backup file that wights around 3GB and will at the same time delete one of the old backups.

    I did try Microsoft Azure and bought CloudBerry Explorer for Azure and used the syncing feature and everything worked well. Prices for uploads and downloads were easy to find but not how much the uploaded data will cost me. After a while having seen the price tickin' away fast i realized that it will be too expensive so i cancelled the account.

    I have Microsoft OneDrive and it will work for me in theory, but practically i am facing some limitations, such as syncing files when i want the updated file/s be transferred over to OneDrive while the old file/s should be deleted from OneDrive. I did not have those issues with Azure and CloudBerry Explorer.

    So now i am looking at Amazon S3 Glacier but want some inputs on what i have written. What do i need? Help me navigate the djungle of cloud options! All cloud providers have so many different options and different names on similar services so it is easy to get lost.

    For example, if you have the free Google Drive and upgrade the amount of storage it changes name to Google One for some reason.

    I received and read your Consumer_vs_Professional_Cloud_Storage.pdf and felt urged to post this question for a cloud beginner.

    Best regards,
    Roger Averdahl
  • Denis Gorbachev
    Hi Roger,

    The easiest and most price efficient solution for a home user would be BackBlaze B2. Please, check that out.
    We don't recommend and actually don't support Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive in our Backup products
  • Roger Averdahl
    Hi Denis,

    Thanks you for your answer! I have now signed up for Backblaze B2 since it has all i wanted. :)

    A side note:
    The Consumer_vs_Professional_Cloud_Storage.pdf i received from MSP360 the other day states that Backblaze only has US servers. This is not the case anymore: https://www.backblaze.com/blog/announcing-our-first-european-data-center

    I live in the EU and did sign up for the EU region and get a steady 100 Mbps up/down.

    Best regards,
    Roger Averdahl
  • Rick Huebner
    I have a few business clients that are running Synology NAS devices. I am just now migrating to Cloudberry (sorry, hard to write msp360), but in the past, I backed servers up to two NAS devices (each in different data centers) and then used Hyper Backup on the NAS to push to Amazon Glacier since we would really have to have a loss of both NAS devices to require a restore from Glacier. Just remember that a restore from Glacier is very expensive.

    I would also look at Wasabi. They have Amazon S3 compatible storage for good price. I have considered using them since they are easier to setup than S3 (which really isn't hard) since S3 is part of the much larger AWS suite and it can be overwhelming to get started if you are new to this.

    Getting to your use, I would look at Backblaze or Wasabi for storage and then find a backup program that you can buy once like the Cloudberry backup programs and push data that way. I downloaded trial versions last night and had 4 servers backing up to NAS and cloud by 10pm last night.
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