• dbdata
    Hi - this is just an opinion, worth no more or less than any other ...

    In creating my account on the forum I was told that my password was not strong enough and this is becoming a world wide problem. "Your password must contain one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one special character, a Egyptian hieroglyphic and the symbol for at least one of the noble gasses ..."

    Your security question is "what was the last 4 digits of the credit card you used 17 years ago when you opened your first AOL account?"

    The problem is that with so many different web sites asking so many different questions and having so many different rules, it leaves me little choice but to write down my password on a whiteboard next to the address of the site.

    Worse ... now some sites are not letting us use a password that is 'similar' to a password we used before.

    I'd like to own my life again.
    If possible.

    Just sayin'
  • David Gugick
    Sign of the times, unfortunately . My personal recommendation would be to use a password safe where you can log all your passwords and security questions in a fully encrypted format. KeePass is open source and free on most platforms. Many other options exist. I think you're right though. The need for mixed case and symbols and numbers is a less frequent requirement when compared to longer word phrases that are easier to remember. I'll speak to the team to see what options we have with the forum software.
  • dbdata
    This just this second dawned on me: Know what our (society's) problem is?

    That there even *IS* a down side to someone cracking my Instagram account.
    That it even means anything at all. LOL

    thanks for your reply.
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