• Web Interface not working
    Hi . 2.6 is like a year ago I guess? Anyway, it's very old. We're going to publish a new version this week, make sure to update, there's been so many improvements to the stability side of things!
  • What's new - CloudBerry Remote Assistant v
    Hi , sorry missed the notification somehow.

    Sure, you can do so in the sandwich menu on the remote host side (the white one)
  • Screen Sharing is paused by Remote Computer
    nope, Teamviewer is not related to this (as far as I'm aware). Check out my suggestion above, it seems to fix the issue, at least for some time
  • Love Remote Assistant, but...
    Hey . We have this on our roadmap for later this year. I've also added you to the notification list
  • Missing OneDrive backup
    it is not terribly hard, you're right.
    It's just that OneDrive Personal provides quite a poor experience for backup (the PC users have reported that repeatedly) and there's not too much users of OneDrive for Business between our customers.
    Thus, we've decided to focus on making a better solution with less options rather than the opposite.
  • slow connection to remote machine - lag
    Hi , the reaction time should be OK in case direct connection is used (otherwise the whole connection is send through our servers and the nearest to you is located in Sydney).

    We could check out the exact numbers if you sent us the diagnostic logs - you can do that in Menu > Diagnostic > Send. Please refer to this Forum thread so that we have the context intact
  • Screen Sharing is paused by Remote Computer
    Hey , this seems to be related to RA Service malfunctioning on the remote PC.
    Please try this:
    - Winkey+R > services.msc
    - Find CloudBerry Remote Assistant service
    - Restart it

    After that the error message is supposed to not appear anymore (unless the connection is actually paused by the remote computer).

    Please keep us posted whether this helps or not
  • New user's initial thoughts
    Hey , thanks a lot for your detailed feedback!
    Let me touch back on your points:

    - The PIN is useful when you're connecting to a PC where there's someone at. Kinda the opposite of Unattended Access.

    - The list of PCs is our roadmap, but frankly speaking I'm not sure if it will or will not be a part of the freeware version. The decision was not taken yet.

    - The toolbar thing is also on our radar.

    - File Transfer is due to improvements, obviously, that's just a matter of priorities at this point.

    Feel free to drop any thoughts you have about Remote Assistant here in this forum, we are checking it regularly.
    Or if you want to contact me personally, let me know, I'd be happy to.
  • Deleting files automatically with S3 Glacier Deep Archive
    Hey , Backup for Mac Team member here.

    Given the description, I'd say these settings are what you are looking for

    However, before you settle with Deep Archive storage class please consider this: if there is the slightest possibility you'll need the data earlier than in several days, you'd probably be better off with S3-IA storage class.
    But if your data can wait that long then yeah Deep Archive might be the optimal solution.

    Personally, I have nothing to backup on my home machine, and the data on my office workstation must be available within minutes, not days, so it's in the Standard-IA storage class.
  • PIN Required on Unattended Access?
    , thanks a lot for the screenshots, it's much clearer now. Looks like CloudBerry Remote Assistant service is not running (properly) on the remote host. Please restart it manually in Winkey+R > services.msc
    This should never happen normally. We'll pay additional attention to this in the upcoming updates
  • Backup speed problem
    , in case Matt's suggestion doesn't help, you might also want to check out this KB article, it explains some of the relevant settings
  • Full and incremental backups
    yes, this is correct. When you run file backup (and that is the only option available in Backup for Linux) there is currently no way to make CloudBerry re-backup everything that has not changed.

    Our Backup is incremental whether you use Block Level option or not.
    According to the schedule, it will sometimes upload...

    ... Full versions of files.
    These are the exact copies of what the file was before backup. Like really just a copy, byte to byte.

    ...Block versions of files.
    These are the delta (or the sum of changes) between the latest Full version and the current state of the file.

    What we call "incremental" in this context is this - if a file has had 0 changes between its latest Full version and now (during the backup) - this file will not be re-uploaded to the storage

    If you have Block Level Backup enabled and a Full Schedule configured you will not need to go through months of incremental versions of files.
    The restore process will pick the latest Full version and apply any Block versions to it if needed.
  • PIN Required on Unattended Access?
    Hello . Using PIN is just another option, it is absolutely not required when using Unattended Access.

    Since Remote Assistant v 2.1 it doesn't even look like you need to use PIN (this was an issue in prior versions). See my screenshot below.
    You get to this step if there is a live user session at the remote computer at the moment.
    If there is none, you automatically get to the Windows authentication screen.

    So honestly I do not understand what causes this confusion.

    About the mouse and keyboard - it is true, in some cases the PIN connection doesn't work properly with the secure screen. Looks like this is the core reason. Try Unattended Access, I'm pretty sure the controls will work just fine.
    We are working on the fix to this, it should be available in one of the upcoming updates.

    The blank screen is not a known issue so please send us the diagnostics from Remote Assistant agent (Menu > Diagnostics > Send) and refer to this Forum.
    Thanks in advance
  • Snowball Backup to AWS using Mac Client
    , thanks for the update. Glad to hear it's all good now!
    Let us know if anything else occurs
  • Schedule task
    judging by your request it is possible that you don't need CloudBerry Explorer and would have better time just using AWS S3 CLI instead
  • Slow backups
    cool! Let me know if it doesn't quite help
  • Slow backups
    Hello .
    Here's a KB article about optimizing backup speed:

    To provide a more detailed response we would need more information on the system - I'd recommend contacting our Support Team right here:
  • CloudBerry Remote Assistant
    Hello . This functionality has not been published yet as it is a work in progress. There is a way to enable it, however, let me know if you'd like to test it out and I will email you the details
  • Newbie Guide to Unattended Remote Access
    the logout will be done automatically.

    The encryption key is not enough because Remote Assistant cannot log into a user session without knowing the user password - that is a security restriction of Windows OS.
  • Newbie Guide to Unattended Remote Access
    , if you're using Unattended Access you can connect without the user login-password if you choose <Other user> - this will bring you to the Windows authentication screen