• Cloudberry keeps closing itself after users disconnects
    Let the program to auto-detect the action (default)
  • Cloudberry keeps closing itself after users disconnects
    Sure, the destination machine's Cloudberry is closing. In other words, even though we have Unattended access setup on the destination machine, when the remote user connect to the destination machine, does their remote work, then disconnects, Cloudberry exits out of the destination machine as if it were manually closed and the user can no longer connect to the destination machine. We have to remote in using other software, then manually start up Remote Assistant and they can reconnect again. Rinse & Repeat every day.

    CloudRAService is Running on the destination machine however the user is only able to connect when the GUI is running (minimized to tray or otherwise)
  • Connection repeatedly terminated by remote user
    Does this happen even after restarting the machine? Sometimes Remote Assistant can get itself into a non-connective loop.

Christopher Lugovsky

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