• Multiple Buckets MSP Edition
    Right, that makes sense. I was thinking about destination per user, but that seems a bit too granular. Most places we only back up a server, but we have a few customers with multiple users' machines we back up in addition to the server.

    I did some research on Wasabi and found out about the 90 minimum charge for data. So, we'll probably just plan on 90 day retention as not to waste money. For DR purposes 30 days usually feels sufficient.

    When the synthetic full backup runs, does it copy the previous full backup cloud to cloud? Or does it just reference it and say "keep this backup"? I'm wondering if synthetic full backup #2 & #3 will each use the same amount storage as the original full. Say Full #1 100 GB + Full #2 101 GB + Full #3 102 GB.

    The way I understood the blog post is that it's going to be the same a regular monthly full, but instead of uploading from the local machine we are copying what's already there. Sort of "side-loading" into a new backup set. Is that correct?
  • Multiple Buckets MSP Edition
    Good to know about B2. Obviously with my previous recent questionsl about Wasabi I'm in the process of trying / switching to them.

    What do you mean by destination tracking? You mean to make sure what the CBB client / MSP portal storage used matches what Wasabi say? So they both show 1 TB used etc?
  • Cloud Storage Providers & New Features
    OK, that's what I thought when I looked at it. You guys build for S3 first. Wasabi seems to put the S3 compatibility on their website a few places. I figured that had to be a good thing for us as end users / MSPs.

    Is it correct that right now the only synthetic backup is for image based full backup. Nothing for Hybrid or Hyper-V, correct? I think I read that was on the radar for CBB v6.
  • Cloud Storage Providers & New Features
    That chart is pretty cool. I guess I thought that S3 had more features than the other providers. Maybe it's just that B2 was behind feature-wise in the past.

    Will synthetic backup be coming to B2 or other providers?

    Does Wasabi have an advantage over other providers by using the S3 (non-proprietary) API? Or maybe the better question is... Is it likely that using the S3 API give them new features faster? I say this because right now S3 & Wasabi are the only providers that have this new feature.

    To me it looks like they have an advantage over the competition. I'm thinking I might have to setup a Wasabi account.
  • Wake Computer For Backup
    I thought I replied to this... Definitely not hibernation. If this was a customer's computer I'd just set it not to sleep. However, we like to test on ourselves ;)

    I ended up just making a scheduled task that runs before the backup. The tasks wakes the computer by running "cmd /c". Works like a charm.
    I think I followed this for anyone else interested:
  • Wake Computer For Backup
    Hmm, I thought this setting only keeps the computer awake once the job starts. Mine is set the same. It sleeps and doesn't wake at midnight to run the job, but runs it when I log on to it in the morning.
  • Unfinished Large Files
    Following this thread. Please add me to the notify list.
  • Bootable USB Universal or Machine Specific
    I guess I have to do some testing. I really don't know what the default drivers are at this point. I remember in older versions of Windows having to do the whole F6 thing and supply RAID drivers. I can't remember doing that in many years.

    So, can I add drivers to the USB or only during build? And if it's during the build phase only - - are they standard drivers? I read something before that they aren't the normal drivers. Special WinPE drivers or something?

    Basically, I'm wondering what the odds of bare metal restore working on a server that doesn't use SATA. An actual RAID controller.
  • Rotating drive sync stopping job
    This needs to be linked on the original blog article. Very helpful. I have had this issue since January, and was told that it was logged as a bug. I didn't know there was this workaround. If support told me to do this I must have missed it. Thanks