• Cloudberry does not see external usb drive
    The Nautilus file manager shows you the full path to the external hard drive.
    In your case, it is /media/james/TOSHIBA EXT.
    Please use our navigation to open that path, to set it as a file storage or backup source.
  • Block level backups don't work for local disk backup storage.
    Hello Gordon,

    First of all, I can assure you that the Block-level works. Please check that you have enabled it on the first step of the Backup Wizard.

    Secondly, yes. Backup works with block-levels to the local file system, whatever the destination file system is but the thing is that we don't work with their features (yet). So if you'd ask for whether we support BTRFS snapshotting - no, we do not. We simply upload the file, and in case of block-level, the changed part with it's map (cbbitmap).

    So yes, the Backup would work, but we'd recommend to have a second copy in the cloud.

    - James
  • waiting for hours to sync repository....never finishes
    We're not quite sure what's happening on your side.
    It would be best if you send us diagnostic info from the machine you're trying to start restore upon.
    Please go to Tools > Diagnostics in the program menu. In the opened window click SendĀ button. The logs will be sent to our support team automatically. This will help us diagnose and troubleshoot the issue. Please add "Logs for James, forum thread "Waiting for hours to sync repository"" to the issue description.
    If you don't mind, we can continue through the ticket or via forum - any way is suitable.
  • S3 bucket acceleration not working in MacOS client
    Hello Chris,

    We're aware of this issue and investigating it at the moment.

    Thank you for paying attention.
  • Hyper-V new full backup onsite and offsite
    Hi , Arjen,

    I understand your setup more better now and it does seem pretty strong to me.

    Indeed it will be better if you back up VM outside of the box because Hypervisor Host (Hyper-V Windows Server) usually has more computing power (not to mention the resource priority like HDD and RAM gets to him first).
    And, looking under the hood a little, it is essentially easier to just grab a snapshot of the VM, and then upload it to the cloud - it won't change too much.
    We do plan to have Synthetic Full backup option for all Image-based backups (VM included) but I can't share any ETA now.

    On the other hand, support for Synthetic Full for Azure will surely come in, too. You will just have to be patient.
  • Hyper-V new full backup onsite and offsite
    Hello Arjen, @QiQQ,

    We provide our best practicies for a reason. Full Backup on at least monthly basis is needed because otherwise it will take significant time during restore to just construct the actual data that will be restored - not to mention that at some moment, if there's no near Full, just the download might be even bigger than that of just Full backup.

    So, I would suggest you a counter-proposal of sorts:
    Onsite - we suggest Full once a week, though it is up to you about the schedule;
    Offsite - Full once a month, because in other case it will add up time to just reconstruct the data.

    Also, we do have a feature called Synthetic Full Backup which can significantly speed up the Full backups (Image Based ones). This seems perfect for your offsite (however, it's only available for Amazon S3, so kindly take this into consideration).
  • Powershell Select-CloudFolder generated incorrect URL

    Seems like you need to add ' -SignatureVersion 2' to your Get-CloudS3Connection string as per our PowerShell snap-in guide on our site because you use S3-Compatible storage service.

James E

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