• Automatic Repository Database Shrink
    Thanks Alexander,

    I have a feature request then for the cbb command.
    It would be great if the "cbb status" command had an option to list the status of any currently running jobs; preferably also returning a specific command line 'errorlevel' if any jobs were currently running.

    This would provide an easily way to check for running backup jobs before executing a repository shrink via cbb.
  • "Remote Name Could Not Be Resolved" Error
    Sorry, didn't see the responses until now.

    In the end the problem was the computer going to sleep during a backup and then when waking up, freaking out because it couldn't get to the network for a few seconds.

    The solution was basically under 'Options / Connection' increase the number of retries and or the time between retries to something a bit longer. I set it to 30sec in total (number of retries x time between retries).

    This fixed it for the most part, although I do occasionally get the same error for some reason; but it's way better than it was.
  • Enabling Compliance Mode Immutable Backups
    To answer my own question; this seems like a bug, but a workaround is to disable the master password, make the enginesettings.list file changes, then re-enable the master password.

    Another point to note is that immutability is only applied to full backups and additionally only those which have a specified GFS retention period set.
  • Failed Backups Mis-Reporting as 'Completed with Warnings'
    Another, related issue is mis-reporting of failed files; I had a couple of files blocked by antivirus (false positive), but while the backup report told me that, it showed 0 files missed:

  • Backups Stalling (Urgent)
    Thanks Alexander, I appreciate the quick followup.
  • Enabling Compliance Mode Immutable Backups
    Thanks , I understand now.

    One remaining issue however is that after I modify the enginesettings.list file as you instructed and accept the 'unauthorised changes', subsequent closing and reopening of the backup client will still show the 'unauthorised changes' dialog.
  • Synthetic Full Backup Size Bloated
    To be clear, the size on disk has been relatively constant at ~300-330GB during all backup periods shown above.
  • Enabling Compliance Mode Immutable Backups
    Thanks , I'll give that a go.

    A question on object locking however; testing in governance mode I ran a full backup today (100% successful, no errors or warnings) with the following retention settings:

    However, reviewing the resulting object locks on the resulting backup .cbl files, it shows immutability for 1 year. Given that I've specified that the December monthly should be should be kept as the yearly:

    Is this because it's the first backup so it defaults to keeping that as the first yearly?
  • Synthetic Full Backup Size Bloated
    Hi ,

    I don't have the history of the initial full backups to show the bloat as it progressed, but this month there was an error during the full backup and when I manually initiated one, it couldn't link to the previous generations so started again with a new generation from scratch.

    This is why I noticed the big size discrepancy, given that it was backing up exactly the same files via the same backup job.

    Here's the recent history & size totals:
  • Synthetic Full Backup Size Bloated
    That confirms my understanding of how the policies work in general ,

    However, my main issue is the tripling of the size of the full backup. As far as I can see this shouldn't be happening. Do you have any ideas as to what might be going on here?

    Just so you know, I am running daily incrementals and monthly fulls, with no intermediate weekly fulls.
  • Enabling Compliance Mode Immutable Backups
    Thanks ,

    A few questions however:

    1. There is an existing line:
    <ImmutabilityMode xsi:nil="true" />

    Should I leave this line as is and separately add:
    ...or modify the existing line to be the above?

    2. When I open MSP360 Backup, I get a dialog warning about 'Unauthorised Changes in configuration files. Even if I click 'Accept', I cannot run backups because they fail with an 'Unauthorised Changes Detected' error.

    What is the solution to this?

    3. is there anywhere in the GUI that I can confirm that Compliance Mode Immutability has been successfully enabled?
  • Enabling Compliance Mode Immutable Backups

    Yeah, I already did that, they told me they don't support Standalone edition anymore and to make a post here, so...