• How do I update the remote client remotely?
    In case it helps anyone else ...

    I first tried on a local machine so I could see what was involved. The new update package first gave an option "Another Version of Remote Desktop is running. Close Remote Desktop before install?". With options of Yes, No and Cancel. I chose No in the hope that it would let me install the two versions side by side temporarily but that just got me another window with "Close Remote Desktop to continue" with Retry & Cancel options.
    Selecting Yes closed my current remote session and then presented a normal installer, which required being able to click "next" a few times using the local mouse. Once completed, the remote client restarted fine and I was able to reconnect.
    So all it would have needed was a "run automatically/accept all" option on the initial message screen to let me run it completely remotely. That wouldn't cater for all potential problems on the install, but would at least give a chance of successfully updating.

    As it is, the only solution I can come up with is to install a different (well-known name) remote access software and use that to remotely run the installer. Or maybe I'll just stick with that in future.

    Hello Lindsey,

    Thank you for sharing your experience, in fact, from version 2.6 you won't have any issues with updating the software as we are adding a reworked update system that allows you to update the software remotely. The other option now to update the application remotely is using the silent installation feature, which you can find in the Command Line section of the Remote Desktop Help.
  • After update - 'myComputer' is already working on Remote Computer....
    Hello Niklas,

    You have sent us a ticket, so let's continue the conversation there.
  • Updated to and lost all connect info.
    Does anyone know where the connect info was stored in the previous releases? (2.0.xx I think, maybe 2.1) Is there any way to recover it?Royce Fessenden

    Hello Royce and Willy,

    This info stored in the %programdata%\Remote Desktop or Remote Assistant depends on the version you used previously. However, I have to mention that if you were using version 2.0.x I really doubt it will be restored, the version is too old I'm afraid
  • Remote Desktop doesn't work!
    This is really strange, correct me if I am wrong but in Unattended Access, everything is working correctly and on PIN access it is not working? Unattended Access and PIN access are the modes for the host, the client is simply the client.
  • Remote Desktop doesn't work!
    Are you using in Unattended Access mode or simple PIN connection ?
  • Frustrated
    Hello Jackie,

    Would you like to take part in a short UX Research interview? We would gladly discuss with you what have you found difficult to use and develop a better UX for you to use in the future. If you are interested please send me your email in a private message. Thank you
  • Any updates on v7 deployment for MSP?
    Hello Murry,

    Are you interested in taking part in the BETA testing of v7? Let me know and we can discuss this privately. Thank you.
  • unanttended access without password

    I think I might know where the issue is coming from - Auto-Login, our application considers that you are jumping in an active Windows session, thus showing the PIN code on the remote screen. We implemented it this way due to possible security issues. Hope I answered your question.
  • Remote Desktop Randomly Loses Settings
    a really interesting issue, please send us the logs from both of the machines mentioning this forum thread in the description. thank you.
  • Cloudberry is not working

    Could you please clarify what issues have you encountered ?
  • Introducing CloudBerry Explorer for macOS
    Hello, are you trying to move the files from cloud to cloud ?
  • Deployment using msi
    Heya Jared, thank you for interesting suggestions, we will definitely discuss them on our Product Meeting, cheers !
  • Cloudberry Explorer for macOS- options missing
    Or maybe, provide a screenshot of the issue ?
  • Cloudberry Explorer for macOS- options missing
    Hello James,

    Could you please describe in which case they do not appear?
  • New backup format in V7 Cloudberry Backup
    No worries Ian, this is just a BETA release and you still can use the old format for years. You can find all the info about the new format here. In the future we are planning to move to the new format only as it is a natural step of evolution, however, we will always support the ability to restore from older formats and we are talking about few years at least so you will have plenty of time to prepare.
  • Problem with Remote Desktop in Europe
    We have conducted a small investigation and it seems there were no problems on our servers, maybe there were relay providers issues but the servers are healthy and running normally.
  • Problem with Remote Desktop in Europe

    Nope, no issues. Just checked on my EU box and everything is working fine. We use Amazon AWS for our infrastructure so their availability and speed are definitely good. Please send me your email via private message so I can track which server you are being transferred through.
  • Black box around the pointer
    Just as a confirmation we are looking into the issue.
  • Black box around the pointer
    Hello, this is possible for some of the applications due to their UI implementation, which app exactly are you using in this case?
  • I cannot send Ctrl+Alt+Delete to logon server 2012 R2 when initial the connection
    This is a really strange issue, is OSK available on the login screen?