• Introducing MSP360™ Remote Assistant for macOS
    Not yet, still in the works, I presume it will be ready to try around the end of еру year.
  • Missing Mouse Cursor After Disconnect
    Same here, tested with different builds and session stop variants, never triggered such cursor behavior.
  • Remote Desktop (freeware) [options] gone

    Could you please provide a bit more details? What options exactly are missing ?
  • [BUG] Remote desktop freeware freezes when disconnecting from a remote desktop

    Please send the logs from Main Menu - Diagnostic from both of the machines to Support. Don't forget to mention this forum post in the description.
  • Cursor issues

    May I ask you to provide a screenshot of the issue to understand the context better. Thank you.
  • Unattended Access - why is User Authentication Required?
    Hello Alan,

    It is related to the recent TeamViewer attack and Splashtop vulnerabilities. Please keep in mind that we do not reject this way of connecting to your clients, we are working on a bit different approach that will allow you to jump into the session of the current user.
  • Feature Request - Remove Windows Login
    Hello Steve,

    This is a security feature we have implemented previously, however, we are already working on a different way to connect to the machines, without locking the users out. We will definitely announce it widely. Thank you for suggesting it.
  • Managed Remote Desktop adding multiple new remote clients
    Hello Ricardo,

    We have tested this feature extensively and it worked normally, I have also tried installing it myself on numerous different devices and they all appeared in the portal. I would suggest taking a look at the security settings for the machines that it is installed on, for example disabling firewall and AV software and check if it will appear in the portal.
  • Loss of Contacts/Dropdown
    Please navigate to the %PROGRAMDATA% folder on your machines and check if there is RemoteAssistant folder available? If it is, please archive it and send it to . After that please check that there is RaSettings.xml in this folder and copy it to RemoteDesktop folder, this should resolve the issue.
  • Feature Request - Save Passwords
    Hello Steve,

    You need to add the computers anew, you won't see your regular Remote Desktop installations there
  • Translations
    Hello Galo,

    I will talk to our developers regarding this possibility and get back to you in tomorrow, could you send me your email via PM here. Thank you.
  • MSP360 Explorer for MacOS. Cannot connect using Access that works on Windows

    This is definitely tied to the user policy attached to your account, could you please provide an example of the one you are using.
  • Feature Request - Save Passwords
    Hello Steve,

    Thank you for your feedback, I suggest that you try our newest product Managed Remote Desktop which is capable of doing that and has many more interesting features to try. You can start simply by registering here:
  • Unable to type admin credentials

    Please send us the Diagnostic Info from the Main Menu, we will require the logs from both of the machine local and remote. Thank you and don't forget to mention this forum post in the description.
  • Unattended Access - why is User Authentication Required?

    Thank you for your description of the use case for this feature. We have deliberately removed this feature for security reasons, we do not want to be responsible for your Windows Credentials and pass them via our protocol. You can join the session via Attended Access by connecting to a person using the machine and jumping straight into the session, however, if you want to use Unattended Access you will need to provide the credentials to the machine you are connecting to, this is simply an additional layer of security which is much more important in our opinion. We are currently considering a togglable option to have an ability to join the active session but I doubt we will implement it soon.
  • Free Remote Desktop on Linux?

    Yes, we do have such plans, but so far the decision is not yet made and we are considering possible client-base for this edition of the product. I will add your request to the waiting list and you will be notified upon the decision is made. Thank you.
  • Remote desktop/connection keeps freezing?
    It usually means that the connection is unstable, you can try switching the way you are connecting, just navigate here:


    And in case it is enabled disable it to use our middle server for connection or vice versa. I would also suggest checking that there is no connection interrupts from any type of security software.
  • Translations

    We are currently supporting only community translations, so far we have no plans on translating the software to any other languages.
  • Managed Remote Desktop Portal
    We also have a CMD command that allows using it with the version from our main site, you can find it in the build download window, basically the main thing is the token you see in the name of the file. It contains all the info about your configuration. Glad it helped and hope you will like our newest product. Cheers!

Sergey N

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