• MSP360™ Remote Assistant - Locking Up
    It really looks like some kind of connection issue, could you please provide a bit more details on how this happens. Or if you can reproduce this scenario please send us the Diagnostic Info from the Main Menu right after this lock-up happens. Please mention this forum post in the description. Thank you.
  • Backup/restore saved connections

    Unfortunately not yet, however, this feature will be available in the next major build.
  • RA Servers down?
    Hello Philipp,

    Thank you for pointing it out, I have answered your other post regarding this situation. Cheers!
  • Slowly connect / response time
    Hello All,

    Thank you for pointing it out, we are going to restart the EU-Region servers in about 40 minutes, the downtime would be around 1 minute or so. You will see the warning before the restart itself. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  • Introducing MSP360™ Remote Assistant for macOS

    That is correct, the key can be generated only on Windows hosts yet, current version only supports remote control of the Windows hosts. We are implementing the features step-by-step to be sure that those features are polished and working correctly. Cross-platform connections are really complicated and we are playing it safe. The ability to control macOS operated machines is going to be released a bit later this year. Thank you and let us know if you have any other questions.

    I think there is a bit of misunderstanding, the software can perfectly control the remote Windows operated hosts. The reason why we release the feature set step-by-step I have described in the answer above.

    There are no plans currently to support the older versions of macOS due to key changes made by Apple themselves, unfortunately.
  • Newbie Guide to Unattended Remote Access
    Hello Jordan,

    Custome password is RA feature, so unless it is enabled it won't accept any user password. Could you please provide a bit more details on what is happening exactly, some screenshots might also help. Thank you.
  • When will be available remote Assistant for Android?

    Sure, the progress on Android I would say around 60-70% of completion. We are currently testing it internally and planning to release it in the first half of the next year, perhaps even faster.
  • Display of the remote monitor
    Hello George,

    That is correct, I unpinned it and was able to override it with the opened windows or applications.
  • MSP360™ (CloudBerry) Remote Assistant
    Hello Santosh and Doug,

    That is absolutely correct, the free version is not limited in any way and you can use it absolutely free of charge even in the corporate environment. Thank you.
  • No Sound

    I'm currently looking into the progress with this issue and will post an update later next week. We have also modified a bit the sound protocols in the next upcoming version so this is also might be a solution.
  • Remote Printing

    Not yet, we are currently considering and monitoring the interest in this feature. However, it is already on our Development Roadmap so you might see it soon. Thank you for suggesting it.
  • Service Key request failed.
    Hello Stella,

    Thank you for this suggestion, we will definitely research this way also. Happy Holidays !
  • Starting Remote Assistant via RDP
    Hello Katherine,

    We are not using RDP, however, there might some issues in installing the RA via RDP. I would suggest trying this to make sure that everything is working correctly:

    Follow this guide to configure unattended access and try to connect to the system. Surely keep us posted regarding the progress of it. Thank you.
  • Remote Assistance from Windows to a Mac
    Hello Terri,

    As an addition to my colleague's replies, I just would like to add that we are already actively developing the mac host part and will present it at the beginning of the next year. This decision allows us to test everything thoroughly and polish the host part as it is much more complicated than the client part. Keep an eye on our blog regarding the updates. Thank you.
  • More general problems...
    Hello Karl,

    macOS version is not yet able to host a session, this feature is coming a bit later next year.
  • Host computer disconnecting issue
    Hello Mark,

    It really looks like some local connection issue, we do not have anything like that, nor do we have any outages that would result in such disconnects. I would suggest checking the connection and any kind of security software installed on your machine. Perhaps it is seeing the software as malicious and you need to whitelist it.
  • Display of the remote monitor
    Hello George,

    Just tested this feature on my build and it worked perfectly, the logic here is that we do not hide it, allowing you to display over this toolbar. Maybe it is some kind of strange glitch, I will pass it to our QA team to take a look. Thank you for pointing it out.
  • Screen sharing is paused by remote computer during Windows login attempt
    Hello Egor,

    Please send us the diagnostic info from both of the machines. You can do this simply by navigating to Main Menu - Diagnostic, don't forget to mention this thread in the description. Thank you.
  • Remote Computer not showing
    Hello Lynne,

    In this case, the simplest way would be asking for the ID of your fathers machine again. Address Book is coming a bit later in the next release of the software. We cannot tell why the ID have disappeared from the recents due to sheer amount of possibilities.
  • Unattended Access on MAC
    Hello James,

    First iteration of the software can only connect to Windows hosts, the ability to remote into macOS is coming a bit later next year.

Sergey N

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