• Remote PC changes ID and encryption code
    Hello Jean,

    This is definitely some kind of a local issue. We have tested the software numerous times for such scenario and the only time we got this result was when the user executing the application had issues with accessing %APPDATA% and %PROGRAMDATA% paths. The id is stored in the config file which lives in those folders. The other thing that might trigger this behavior is the damage or lockdown of this file, which can be triggered by security software such as AV or if the software is deployed on the machines deployed from the same image for example and basically have the same HID, but this is really hard to achieve. Hope it helps, let us know what do you think about this. Thank you.
  • Introducing MSP360™ Remote Assistant for macOS
    Hello David,

    The latest builds will be signed, the fact that it wasn't signed previously happened due to some minor changes on the Apple side. We have fixed it and all the newer builds are notarized properly.
  • Screen sharing is paused by remote computer
    Well I personally still think it is, this issue occurs very rarely and in fact, affected under 10 users. We know that this issue is related to the session management in Windows or credentials lacking access level needed for the software to function properly. In the newest version, we changed the session mechanics a bit and thus should get rid of this issue. Feel free to test the product again when you will have time and wish to do so. Thank you.
  • Blocking Remote Machine's Screen
    Hello Mike,

    Not yet, however we are already working on this function and will release it in one of the major updates.
  • Client cannot activate
    Hello, for such clients we have an awesome Help section located here:

    You can also try using Quick Support module which doesn't require any installation at all.
  • How to Save Remote Computer Details
    Try checking out C:\ProgramData\Remote Assistant
  • How to change the computer ID

    This file is usually located in C:\ProgramData\Remote Assistant you can remove along with all the settings or edit the line as was advised previously.
  • Bug when accessing PC with large monitor
    Hello David,

    There is in fact a scaling mode implemented in RA already when you have connected it looks like this:

  • RA not accepting Azure Password (yes I tested my password)

    This is an interesting issue indeed, we never tested it with AzureAdLogins and you are the first one to bring it up. The strange part here is that we do not use any specific mechanisms to enter the session except for native Windows ones and thus it is really strange to see those errors. As I understood you are also able to log in normally via physically entering the same credentials?
  • Getting Control view on remote computer
    Hello Alan,

    In this case, you can request control from the remote peer to configure the remote machine to accept the connection by default. We also have an Unattended Access feature that resolves those issues straight away. I would also suggest taking a look at our awesome Help section.
  • How to download from remote computer
    Hello Lyle,

    You can use the same Upload action from the remote machine to transfer files to your side. We are currently in the process of re-designing this feature, so it might change in the next releases.
  • Some programs on remote computer not displaying
    Hello Adam,

    Just checked most of the applications you mentioned and everything worked fine, I was able to work with Visual Studio and Google Chrome without any glitches. It seems that it might be related to the particular display driver that you are using. Please send us the Diagnostic Info from both of the applications via Main Menu - Diagnostic, please don't forget to mention this thread in the description. Thank you.
  • Remote Assistant Unattended Access
    Hello Lance,

    We are currently changing the mechanics of the Custom Password, I would suggest using the encryption key before version 2.3 is released. Which is going to happen really soon.
  • Remote Assistant as a service
    Hello Klaus,

    In this case please send us the logs from both of the machines via Main Menu - Diagnostic, don't forget to mention this post in the description.
  • Using two screens
    Hello Pavel,

    As I can see it - really soon. Few features left to polish and we are ready to release.
  • Visual Studio loses control
    Hello Glenda,

    Thank you for reporting it, we will re-create this scenario in our testing environment. Which version of VS are you using? Thank you.
  • Remote Assistant as a service
    Really looks like it, however, it shouldn't be so the simplest would be re-installing the software from an elevated account to make sure that the software is installed properly and got the required privileges. Or check-out the service status and logs, as it is definitely malfunctioning.
  • Multiple session?
    Hello Katherina,

    This feature is not yet implemented, I have created a report and our R&D will review it and add to the development roadmap.
  • Remote Assistant as a service
    Hello Klaus,

    This feature is called Unattended Access and you can find a step-by-step guide on how to set it up correctly here:
  • High CPU
    Hello Klaus,

    Thank you, passed it to our R&D already.

Sergey N

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