• RA computer names
    Thanks Sergey N
  • I can see it but can't control it
    On the remote PC menu, change from View Only to Full Control, as in following image -


  • RA computer names
    Same from me.
    I know there is a sort of way to do it now, but it involves renaming the remote machine and you still retain the 9 digit number in your list of controllable PCs.
    I suspect giving the remote PC an alias (a la TV) is more difficult than it sounds, otherwise you would probably have already done it!
    It's not a big problem for me, since I only routinely control 4 or 5 machines.

  • How to control remote computer
    Lois, your friend needs to set the Incoming Connection in the Settings Menu to "Allow Full Control".
  • Feature requests
    I have to agree with Tony re the "Screen Shared with" box, even with a person at the other end - it always seems to be over the bit of screen you want to access. It's my only niggle - otherwise I think the programme is great, ably replacing the TV I used for years (till they got greedy with their charges!).
    Regards, Mike.
  • Help us choose the next big feature
    The easiest way to do that would be to edit the display name on the host. Please go to Menu-->Options-->General, change the display name and establish one more connection. After that, the display name will be changed on the client as well.
    Thanks HarryB.
    In fact I may not need to change anything since CRA picks up an identifier name from the client PC which appears in brackets after the computer number.
  • Help us choose the next big feature
    Thanks for the explanation on computer names in the drop down list - it's answered a question I've just sent to support.
    Is it possible to edit the names or are they fixed, presumably by the programme picking up the name from the clients PC?