• Real-time backup use case
    I know this is an old thread, but I am trying the latest Cloudberry version before I completely give up on this software. I don't understand why it takes 7.5 hours to scan 650 GB of used space on my SSD when only 128 MB of files are discovered to be changed since the last scan.

    If you want proof that this is ludicrous, RoboCopy (a tool that comes with Windows) can scan every file on my drive for changes (which I have done because I have a mirrored backup drive) in about 35 mins and that is with it only set to use 1 thread!

    I love the cloud functions, but Cloudberry has never been a serious contender because of the abysmal scan speeds.
  • Excluding folders and files after an initial backup
    I've been looking for the answer to this, not for exclusions, but for un-selecting folders in the backup plan. Surely Cloudberry has thought about this and will provide some automation instead of the user having to manually manage backups?

  • Windows Image Based Backup - Keep Bitlocker?
    Thank you for that answer. I'll assume then that a "keep bitlocker" encrypted image does not allow block level updates?