• Jeff Schwefler
    I created an initial backup on Amazon S3 and then realized that I wanted to exclude some folders and files. I setup the exclusions by editing the plan - easy task. I am curious what should happen next. Should the files show up as deleted and then action occurs based on the deletion handling rule? As a note, I did not see the exclusions appear in the delete files in X number of days warning so I am guessing this theory is wrong. Will the excluded files and folders delete after the delete files epoch defined for the backup plan? Not sure, I will need to wait the epoch and see what happens (in my case 30 days -- so i have some time to wait). Do the excluded files and folder stay in the backup forever? If this is the case, I guess the approach is to use the AWS S3 console to delete the exclusion (hope not).

    Has anyone had any experience in exclusion after an initial backup?

  • David Gugick
    Go to the Storage tab and delete the folders you no longer need from backup storage.
  • Richard Amiss
    I've been looking for the answer to this, not for exclusions, but for un-selecting folders in the backup plan. Surely Cloudberry has thought about this and will provide some automation instead of the user having to manually manage backups?

  • Bogmosnster
    I know this is an old thread but I also have this issue. I have 100+GB of stuff I want to exclude and purge from the backup. Too difficult to go file by file. It would be easier to create a parallel plan and start a new backup and once complete delete the old one. Not the nicest solution. Is there not a better option?

  • David Gugick
    If you know the folders that need to be purged, then you can deselect them from the backup and manually remove them from backup storage (at the folder level). But depending on how many folders and / or files you're dealing with, you might be better off creating a new plan and waiting for the original backup data to age out before manually removing. I think it would be difficult to adjust retention settings for the original backup to remove the files no longer needed and would probably be too much work to move those files/folders in question to a new location that is not a part of the backup - in that case, if you were removing locally deleted files in retention settings, the files would eventually be removed from backup storage. If you have any ideas on a better process, please reply here and we'll discuss internally.
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