• MSP360 Backup Desktop Edition: Not Receiving Email Notifications
    I noticed this too recenly, when I saw failed backups and no warning emails.
  • Object Lock (Immutability) for SQL backups?
    Thanks for the feedback.
    In the past, I had issues with coordination immutability on the Wasabi's side and the retention periods on MSP360's side, and I stopped doing that so that everything was managed directly by MSP360's with the Object-Locking option.
    I have the MS SQL plan backing up to the same bucket as the Image-based plan.
    I understand that to do what you say, I will have to create a separate bucket just for this :sad:

    Is there any date for the implementation of Object-locking on MS SQL plans?
  • 1TB limit
    Feel free to move it, and I am sorry for posting it on the wrong forum, but happy and relieved that my versions have no limits.:halo:
  • 1TB limit
    I am an MSP and I am reselling monthly licenses for those products to my customers.
    Did I get it wrong? :yikes:
  • 1TB limit
    I can see this customer using from 1 to 2TB.
    My customers are small businesses with 1 Windows Server at the center of their infrastructure and running one or more SQL Servers. For that, the SQL Server edition is ideal, but the 1TB might be a deal breaker in some cases. Doubling the monthly price just because of that ... doesn't seem right.