• Migration issue from Windows 10 Cloudberry to windows 11 MPS360 backup
    Thanks for the feedback. I had a lot going on in my personal life when the new backup format became available and missed the details. I seldom went out to BackBlaze to look at the data there and even then it may have only been to manually remove a file that I felt might have been orphaned due to it being incorrectly backed up in the first place or that I determined that it no longer needed to be backed up. Actually, I only use MP360 to backup files that are critical that may change on a daily basis and everything else is backed up using Macrium Reflect to a local external drive.

    Just a follow-up question for you.... My backup plan is doing what it's supposed to but let's say that I change the plan and decide that I no longer need to backup a file. I've always been a bit fuzzy on what happens to the existing file that's already backed up. Does MP360 know that since it's no longer tagged for backup that it should be removed from BackBlaze?
  • Just a caution regarding scheduled backups

    Thanks for the feedback. It's always nice to hear that someone else found value in a solution you developed. I've not had any problems with backups not running since I added the script.

  • Just a caution regarding scheduled backups

    Here's the script I wrote to make sure that the service is running. I saved the script below to a file called CBStart.vbs . I then opened the Task Scheduler on my Windows 10 PC and set up a task to run the .VBS file 15 minutes before my Cloudberry nightly backup is set to run. Note that on the task scheduler you have to check the checkbox on the General Tab so that the script will run with the highest privileges because with standard privileges command to start the service will not function. Note that when testing this script I rat it in a command prompt that I opened to run as an administrator. In regard to whether it's overkill or not depends on how important it is to run your nightly backup because as I mentioned previously if the service is not running, your backups are not taking place there's no warning to tell you that your backups are not taking place.

    ServiceName = "Cloudberry Backup Service"
    Set wmi = GetObject("winmgmts://./root/cimv2")
    state = wmi.Get("Win32_Service.Name='" & ServiceName & "'").State
    If State = "Stopped" then
    Set shell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\.\root\cimv2")
    Set colListOfServices = objWMIService.ExecQuery ("Select * from Win32_Service Where Name ='" & ServiceName & "'")
    For Each objService in colListOfServices
    shell.LogEvent 4, "CloudBerry Backup Service was restared"
    End If
  • Using Google Drive or Cloud?

    I went thru the same process when I evaluated Cloudberry and I opted to use BackBlaze as my cloud storage provider. BackBlaze offers you 10GB of storage for free and they only charge you if you exceed that amount. If you do exceed the 10 GB the amount they charge is insanely low. In addition Cloudberry works really well with this storage provider as I get encryption and versioning of my backups.
  • Anyone experience any problems doing version restores from Google Drive?
    Thanks for the reply. This is exactly what I was seeing as I only had one copy of each file so since versioning is a big need Google Drive is out. After seeing this post and receiving your email I tried OneDrive since I also have space there but Cloudberry Backup cannot do encryption and compression with that repository either so today opened up an cloud storage account on Backblaze B2. The will provide 10 GB for free and 100 GB would only cost me $0.50 which is an insane price. I plan to do some additional testing but I'm assuming that this will be a better choice. I'll post an update when I'm finished testing. Thanks again.