• Windows 10 Pro Desktop marked as a server.
    With the comments on Changing the Edition, I found Change Edition and it worked. Thanks
  • I tried to login into my account. No verification code.
    I am an idiot. The label for the authentication was not marked as MSP360. I have not used it for awhile. I have quite few 2fas and the management is becoming a problem.
  • License Issue
    Yes, It is MSP360 Managed Backup. Please move. The trial is on Windows Desktop.
  • License Issue
    Yes, I want to apply to the Desktop. It is currently backing up under a trial license. There is a grant button on the device that is in trial mode. When I click on Grant, the message indicates I need to buy a license. I checked my licensing and there are 4 desktop licenses available. Are they not the right license type. I bought a server license and hit Grant and it applied the license without issue.
  • License Issue