• restore files from image back-up ntfs permissions
    Ok thanks so if have a image based back-up it is not possible to restore only folders and files with ntfs permission
    restore the complete image to the volume will restore ntfs permissions also?
  • restore image EC2
    I get it working only restored the disk/volume 0: select boot and OS c:\ partition tonight i tried to recover the second disk disk/volume 1 there is a strange 128mb partition on that volume maybe that is the cause
  • restore image EC2
    Yes i did thank you it automatically create a ticket second attempt give another error Can't allocate continuous block for some file(s)
  • Attempting to Write Oversized MFT Record
    Same problem here "Attempting to Write Oversized MFT Record" tried to increase the volumes from the ec2 with more then 50% extra but still does't work after 4 attempts i give up.
    any solution for this problem ?