• Some questions
    OK. I've found how to replicate Stofl's problem in a Windows 10 computer.
    1. In General Options, "Minimize" and "Close" to System Tray are ticked
    2. Launch CRA and then close it by clicking the X top right corner.
    3. Go to system tray and right click on the CRA icon
    4. (choices are Restore or Exit). Click on Exit.
    5. Reboot computer.
    6. No matter how many times you reboot, when attempting to connect to it you will get the Message
    "Can't connect, looks like the remote computer is offline or ID is incorrect"
    7. Launching CRA enables a connection to it.
    8. Even after a reboot, connections can be made.

    1. CRA will perform as it should as long as your computer is shut down with CRA still listening in the background
    2. If you exit CRA or something forces it to exit, it will not load correctly next time you start the computer.
    Only by manually starting CRA will it perform correctly.

    Hopefully the Developers will look into why this is so????
  • Some questions
    Just had a play and if you use a VPN then you'll possibly have problems. I use VPN.ac from time to time on the remote computer. Connecting to it with Cloudbase with the VPN activated, it authenticates and immediately disconnects. Activating the VPN after connection seems to have no ill effect and deactivating the VPN before disconnecting the remote control allowed re-connection 5 out of 6 times. The one time it refused, I rebooted and was able to connect.
    So really I'm none the wiser other than the VPN could be a prime suspect.
    Teamviewer seems to be happy with VPN's so obviously uses a different hand-shaking method.
  • Some questions
    I'm having the same problem as Stoffl on one particular computer. The problem isn't consistent. Even remotely rebooting the computer, it gave an "not connectable" message. It only came right after launching Cloudbase from the launch icon. (after travelling 120kms to do that). It happens infrequently.
    A thought.......... could launching VPN software on the remote computer have an adverse effect? Doing so doesn't seem to affect the control of the remote computer? I connected a SonOff switch to reboot the remote computer just in case it did, so it is a mystery why it doesn't show itself as "on Line" after a full re-start.

    Also.... as Sergey says, the pin changes on every reboot even though the box to change pin is not ticked. As far as remote access is concerned, the pin is useless in that case.
  • Feature requests
    Thanks Gleb,
    It's a feature that makes sense if there's someone viewing the screen at the other end, but could be dispensed with completely once the "unattended attendant" choice is made. One can live with it and I only mention it for user feed-back purpose.
  • Feature requests
    There is one small annoyance for me. As I use the program exclusively to gain control of unattended computers, the box which announces "Screen shared with XYZ computer is quite intrusive. It would be helpful to be able to disable or turn it off as part of the "unattended access" function.


    Tony C
  • Newbie Guide to Unattended Remote Access
    It is all said and done FREE software, possibly still in the development stage and the type of person mostly using it would be familiar with the vagaries of computer usage and "solving problems" :-).
    I guess if it morphed into a deluxe paid version, then better documentation could be expected. I used to be a programmer/analyst before I retired 15 years ago, so I have some sympathy for the developer.
    I've been using it on 3 computers for about 3 weeks now. It performs flawlessly and I am grateful to be given the use of it without any payment.
  • Feature requests
    Hi Gleb,
    Ahhh! Because I couldn't see CBRA in the system tray, I automatically assumed that it was not loaded and required being run. No wonder my shortcut (set at minimized) wouldn't work as I expected. All it was doing was waking up the already loaded program. Didn't occur to me to check the services or even try to connect immediately after boot.
    So...... in one stroke you have solved my wish-list! :razz: Maybe I should write an idiots guide to newbie installers. I'm nearly 73 years old, so the brain is a bit slow on the uptake these days.

    Now all I have to do is drive the 120kms and replace Teamviewer with CBRA on the affected laptop.
    Thanks for all your help.
    Tony C.
  • Feature requests
    I like this program and will probably install it on a remote computer which Teamviewer has kicked off its network saying it is "Commercial" when in fact it runs a remote weather station with cameras at my holiday home on the sea coast 120kms away and publishes it to a webserver, which I make publicly available free of charge with no advertising. Nothing Commercial about that!
    The weather station uses a Com to USB connector to a laptop which gets confused quite often so I get it to reboot every 24 hours so that it is never off-line more than that if it "hangs".
    If I was asking for feature improvements, my wish list would be:-

    1. An option for setting the program to load at startup.
    2. An option to enable the program to load minimized when it is set for unattended access .(I tried loading the program through a shortcut set to minimized, but that doesn't work.)

    It's wonderful that Cloudberry provide a program such as this free of charge and my preference would be that it remain true to it's core task of remote control without constantly updating with new features, which is the track Teamviewer has been going down. That way, one will hope that it will remain free of charge or at least only ask for a shareware donation from long term users.
    That's my two cents worth!
    Tony C.
  • + unattendet Access =/= working
    I've just installed CBRA for a trial as unattended access is essential requirement for me. It was only after reading an earlier post that I realised that the password the screen was requesting, was the Windows password set up for the user logged into the screen you are attempting to control not the pin.
    It could be helpful to users especially new ones for this info to be displayed on the login screen.