• Gaurav
    Hi Guys,

    We've configured following backups;
    CloudBerry MS-SQL - SQL Level Backup
    CloudBerry VM via Hyper-V - VM Level Backup

    We've created a backup schedule for both the machines & have initiated manual backups for the same. So following are the queries,

    1. Editing backup plan while backup's running
    - while the backup is running, can I edit the backup plan via MBS portal remotely without affecting or cancelling the current backup (i.e. editing the plan & saving it while backup is running - backup should not stop)

    2. Backup via Hyper-V
    - a. when does snapshots created for uploading the VM data to the Azure Blob gets deleted automatically.
    - b. next successive backup won't start unless the current backup's snapshots have been deleted right? like it won't create another set of delta disks for the same VM for uploading successive backup's data (i.e. at any point in time VM will have only one copy of delta disks). We don't want the low space issue on hyper-V's drive diue to multiple snapshots.

    3. Chunk Size & Threads
    - The data to be uploaded is 200 & 800 GB respectively for both VMs & we've set the current chunk size to 100 MB & Threads to 6. So, do we need to change the chunk size or these settings are ok.

    Gaurav N.
  • Anton Zorin
    1. Yes
    2. A snapshot gets created as a part of the backup job before the backup process and being deleted right after that. If permissions configured correctly there won't be more than 1 snapshot for any given VM at any given time.
    3. If your connection is good, you don't need to change the defaults which are 10MB chunk size and 6 threads in parallel. 100MB looks okay to me. But I'd also suggest to assess the performance with 100MB and 10MB and decide based on the results.

  • Gaurav

    Hi Anton,

    Thanks for the response. The snapshot part looks perfect & currently the performance with 100 MB chunk size looks proper. As suggested, we'll however monitor the performance by increasing/decreasing the chunk size & review the output.
    Thanks a lot for the feedback.

    Gaurav N.
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