• Davids
    I have Cloudberry server edition registered, version

    I had an older version from 2 years ago installed, but I just upgraded today. My old version had a bug with access Backblaze, I had to upgrade to connect to my buckets.

    I am setting up a new file level backup for a few folders. My desired schedule is to do an incremental backup (only changed files) nightly, and a full backup once a month. This is the same schedule I use on my full server image based backups.

    Stepping through the wizard, the schedule page gives the option "Recurring (advanced)" so I select that. On the advanced page I can select Incremental and set a schedule, and I can select block level and set a schedule. I wasn't planning to use block level at all, so I skip that and set my nightly Incremental. I don't see an option to set a full backup at all.

    When I skip ahead to the Summary page, i scroll down and see that a Full Backup schedule has been set for nightly. Full, not Incremental.

    Something seems to be messed up, where are the options I need to configure this the way i want?
  • David Gugick
    Full backups with File Backup plans are different than Image Backups. On the File Backup plan, we require Full backups of individual files that were backed up using Block-Level Backups. The Full never backs up everything beyond the first backup. Since you have not selected Block-Level, then there is no need to perform a full file backup of any of the files. Every backup is automatically incremental when using File-Level backups; meaning, we only back up those files that are new or changed. Does that help address your question?
  • Davids

    Thank you for the quick response.

    So is the schedule of nightly incremental and no block level backup a good configuration to use?

    Your saying that this will cause one full backup to occur, and then going forward it will only backup files that have changed, and will backup the entire changed file each time (this is the behavior i want, none of the files are very large). No future full backups needed.
  • David Gugick
    Exactly. Block-Level is really for large files that change little day-to-day.
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