• Greg Makepeace
    I have 2 folders on S3 bucket with same letters, but different case (CrossWalk versus Crosswalk). This resulted in 2 folders in CloudBerry Drive; however, it show one of the folders twice, instead of showing both folders. Anyone seen this before? Anyone see issues with case-insensitivity on Windows server, but case-sensitivity in AWS S3?

    Are there any options in CloudBerry Drive I can update or can I re-sync/re-fresh mappings somehow?

    I'm also looking at moving the files on S3, so there's only a single "folder", but not sure if that will resolve the problem anyways.
  • David Gugick
    You should copy the data from one folder to the otherin S3 and avoid duplicate folder names since Windows does not support case-sensitive folder names by default. You can enable case-sensitivity but I'm not sure if Drive would work properly. My recommendation is to migrate the data and delete the folder no longer needed. You can then unmount and re-mount with Drive. If that's doesn't work, a support tech can help.
  • Greg Makepeace
    Thanks for the feedback. That's what my thinking was, too: to migrate to "one" folder. This occurred because at first there were manual file moves being done and S3 keys were created manually as well, with different case then Windows folder names; however, we automated some of this using AWS CLI, which was using the Windows folder names exactly and resulted in the "duplicate" folders on S3.

    So when I unmount and remount, it will fix the mappings from local Windows drive to S3? How long does mounting take?
  • David Gugick
    I’ll see if someone here can answer your question...
  • Klim
    Hello ,

    The easiest way to avoid this problem is to rename one of these folders using our CloudBerry Explorer.

    Answering your questions: a remount operation usually takes a few seconds. You can do as David suggested or rename folders. In both cases, this will help you with this situation.

    Thank you!
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