• jeffd2651
    I've waited some time for the file transfer facility from the early days of the program ... and was pleased to find it had finally arrived some while back.
    However, after watching the support video I was left wondering why it only supported one-way transfers as there was an abrupt end to the video with no further explanation.
    Now, after much head scratching and fiddling about, the 'penny has dropped' and I realise that to transfer files in the opposite direction (to the default) you have to log out and change the direction of the connection from 'Remote COntrol Computer' to 'Allow Remote Control'.
    Now, this is OK as long as you have visual access to the remote computer ... but if the remote computer is set up to allow Unattended Access, then this useless!!!
    So, as it currently stands, it's not possible to have 2 way file transfer via a single connection which is appalling ... what if I'm logged into a remote computer which is set to allow unattended remote access and I need to transfer files in BOTH directions ??? ... I don't think the application developers have got this right at all as you can do this in Teamviewer so I don't see why Cloudberry needs to be different in this aspect as it claims to be a better solution than Teamviewer !
    Or am I missing something fundamental in the Cloudberry setup ?!?!?!?! If so, please point me in the right direction.
    Many thanks
  • Sergey N
    Hello Jeff,

    In this case, you described everything correctly, the workaround so far is to use remote upload of files. You can click the same button on the remote machine and upload any files you need to your machine. We surely understand that this is not perfect and already designing it anew. I have added your request to an already existing one, you will be notified upon release.
  • jeffd2651
    Thanks. Just wonder why the developers didn't spot this in the early stages ... maybe they don't fully understand how these apps are being used ?
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