• Andy
    March 5, 2019

    Wasabi EU region support. eu-central-1 (Amsterdam, NL) is now supported
    IBB Backup Continue Upload After Error
    VM/HyperV Continue Upload After Error
    Exchange Continue Upload After Error
    Store all backups with "$" instead of ":" (dollar, colon). This will make things simpler for seeding and export by using external appliances (like Snowball, Wasabi Ball, B2 Fireball, etc.)
    Support for AWS S3 Intelligent-Tiering storage class
    Support AWS Secure Token Service (STS) for Wasabi
    MBS add warning status for backup plan
    Send notification in case the Backup Service is stopped
    Connect to Azure using Share Access Signatures (SAS)
    Call web-methods for OnStart & OnUninstall events. Once the backup agent is uninstalled from the PC – computer will not be displayed on RM in MBS console. The opposite on the agent re-installing
    Import/Export for MS Azure
    Support Wasabi Ball
    BackBlaze B2 Fireball support in Cloudberry Backup

    ACL (NTFS permissions) taking too much time to process
    IBB slow restore performance
    Ransomware false-positive detection improvements
    Real-time cycle is changed to 15 minutes. From version 6.0 default value for uploading files is 15 minutes (previously it was 1 minute)
    Retention policy per destination for Hybrid backup. From version 6.0 it’s possible to customise retention policy per destination in Hybrid backup plan
    B2 application keys in UI

    Error removing lifecycle rule from Azure account
    Error in setting lifecycle on Azure container
    One or more backup path doesn’t exist/cannot be found. Issue while using %userprofile%
    Error on reading plan configuration - Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    Restoring Image based Backup to a Hyper-V VHDX Selected Partitions Limitation seem to count incorrectly
    File Level Restore window is blank (Hyper-V VM)
    Restore to EC2 fails. ERROR - Unexpected parameter rmexec
    Can't restore Hyper-V from Azure
    Hyper-V: incorrect snapshot creation order
    Hyper-V: Item Level Restore folder tree is empty
    Slow files/folders listing available for restore
    Consistency check settings are not saved during the account creation after settings import
    Logical / Physical Block size mismatch during restore
    Something is wrong with enginesettings.list
    'Run full instead of block level if total size of previous block level backups larger than' doesn't save from backup wizard
    SQL Restore: Failed to restore Full backup
    Item-level restore from IBB from foreign prefix fails - DiskImageMetadata.xml not found