• Nick Arauza

    I just updated our Cloudberry installation to the latest version as we were looking to upload to Onedrive for Business, but I no longer see it as an option. This is on PC by the way. Is this option no longer supported?
  • Matt
    We've moved away from OneDrive as a backup destination due to severe throttling issues on their side, so it's no longer supported.
  • RickkeeC
    Bad decision. Let the client decide if the throttling is too much of an issue. I get 2mbps upload (have 10 provisioned) but so what. Once the initial sync has completed, daily sets run overnight and is not a concern. We have 100TB of space available on our plan, and its free. So much to like about the software, but I am sorry but this is a deal breaker for us as well. Need OneDriveForBusiness and Sharepoint compatibility.
  • Matt
    Let me provide some insight on the problem:
    Once OneDrive starts to throttle uploads it eventually simply cuts connection to their servers if you're transferring large amounts of data. 99% of the users who utilize this cloud storage have no idea on what's happening and start to contact us regarding this problem. Microsoft confirmed they are not going to change anything on their side, since they have Azure for the backup needs, so this leaves us at an impasse, where customers blame us for problems that are not possible to fix by our developers' alone.

    I completely understand your frustration, but at this point the management decided to drop official support for OneDrive, Google Drive, and Amazon Cloud Drive.
  • RickkeeC
    Thank you for the update, better to learn it here versus trial and error. Please consider the option to make it an optional plugin. Users would have to visit the website, read the warning / notice / disclaimer no support will be provided , then download the api and install it manually.
  • Johnny5
    Well, this is all VERY unfortunate indeed. I was more than happy to use my O365 based OneDrive as a backup destination, even at a trickle. Guess I'd better not delete my current OneDrive config as it still seems to be running.
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