• Andy
    Q: How many users should I create? Can I use the same user credentials for different customers?

    A: The user is a mean to separate data access. If you have one user across all your servers, that user will be able to see the data from all those server. If you don't want a user have an access to all server backups, you can create a separate user per server. This is more of a business and security decision. We recommend that you use a separate user per server because:

    all backed up data will be accessible from every computer. Data backed up on one computer can be restored on another one.

    you won't be able to limit each server - the package in this case will be shared between all the computers.

    one common email for notifications.

    Q: How many packages/storage limits should I create?

    A: You can use one package for all users or if you need different storage limits for different users, create multiple packages - every for each storage limit - and then assign a certain package to a certain user.

    The prices can be found here: https://mspbackups.com/Admin/Tariffs.aspx

    Q: How can I drop a user account and delete their data from the storage?

    A: You can do it directly from the Managed Backup control panel.

    Learn more at: https://mspbackups.com/Admin/Help.aspx?c=Contents/help_drop_users.html

    Q: What is Online Access?

    A: This is a web interface for end-users where they can review, download and share their data hosted in the cloud. It is fully supported for AWS S3 and Windows Azure.

    Learn more at: https://mspbackups.com/Admin/Help.aspx?c=Contents/help_online_access_ssl.html

    Q: What are Storage Limits (Packages) for?

    A: You can limit online storage usage by using packages. A package limits storage usage for each user.

    Learn more at: https://mspbackups.com/Admin/Help.aspx?c=Contents/help_packages.html

    Q: How can I set up notifications?

    A: If you use AWS S3 account, you need to verify your email address on the Notifications tab.

    You can receive notifications in all cases or when backup/restore plans fails.

    You can can also choose who will receive your email notifications: provider, user or both.

    Moreover, "Group report" option allows getting group reports about failed and overdue backup plans once a day at a specified time.

    Learn more at: https://mspbackups.com/Admin/Help.aspx?c=Contents/help_ses2.html

    Q: Can I create Multiple administrators with limited permissions?

    A: Yes, Managed Backup service allows having multiple admin accounts. You can create several users who have an access to the most of the MBS control panel features. A user logged in under an account with administrative rights will have an access to most of the control panel functions. Multiple administrators can make working with large amount of customers easier and more efficient. With CloudBerry Managed Backup service you can entrust your administrators to the ongoing backup routines and focus on other tasks.

    Learn more at: https://mspbackups.com/Admin/Help.aspx?c=Contents/multiple_admins.html

    Q: Can I monitor the backup plans history of my users from MBS panel?

    A: Yes, you can monitor the backup plans history of your users from MBS panel. This means that you do not need to use third-party software (like remote desktop applications, screenshots sharing software, etc.) to know the state of backup plans. MBS panel allows you to keep control over all the backup plans of your users.

    Learn more at: https://mspbackups.com/Admin/Help.aspx?c=Contents/help_manage_backup_history_from_mbs_console.html

    Q: Can I upgrade installed builds to the newest version?

    A: Yes, Automatic update is a feature that allows your customers to always have up-to-date version of Managed Backup client. You can enable this feature when requesting a Custom Build in the MBS control panel

    Learn more at: https://mspbackups.com/Admin/Help.aspx?c=Contents/autoupdate.html

    Alternatively, you can use a Force Upgrade feature. Even if an "Automatic upgrade" option is disabled for your customer's backup client, you can still provide them with the latest version of Managed Backup client. You can run force an upgrade for a certain computer or for all computers (using "Group Actions" option).

    Learn more at: https://mspbackups.com/Admin/Help.aspx?c=Contents/help_rm_force_upgrade.html

    Q: Can I deploy the same configurations on multiple computers?

    A: Remote Deploy feature allows you to remotely deploy pre-configured options and plans on the users' computers from your CloudBerry Managed Backup service account with ease.

    Learn more at: https://mspbackups.com/Admin/Help.aspx?c=Contents/help_remote_bp_deployment.html

    Q: Can I install backup clients remotely?

    A: Yes, Managed Backup service supports remote install to users' computers without user intervention. Managed Backup service providers can silently install a backup client to any computer they have a remote access to. To perform a silent install you have to use Windows command line.

    Learn more at: https://mspbackups.com/Admin/Help.aspx?c=Contents/help_silent_install.html

    Q: Do you have integration with ConnectWise?

    A: Yes, the integration allows you to import all of the contacts from your ConnectWise platform into Managed Backup Service, send billing statistics to ConnectWise and create ConnectWise ticket for Failed Plans.

    Learn more at: https://mspbackups.com/Admin/Help.aspx?c=Contents/help_connectwise_integration_updated.html

    and at: https://mspbackups.com/Admin/Help.aspx?c=Contents/help_connectwise_billing_updated.html

    Q: Do you have integration with Autotask?

    A: Yes, the integration allows you to import all of the contacts from your Autotask platform into Managed Backup Service, send billing statistics to Autotask and create Autotask ticket for Failed Plans.

    Learn more at: https://mspbackups.com/Admin/Help.aspx?c=Contents/help_autotask_integration.html

    and at: https://mspbackups.com/Admin/Help.aspx?c=Contents/help_autotask_billing.html

    Q: Do you have an API I can use to integrate Managed Backup Service with our website?

    A: Yes, we do have an RPC XML API that will allow you to integrate all aspects of our managed backup service with your website.

    Learn more at: https://mspbackups.com/Admin/Help.aspx?c=Contents/help_api.html

    and at: https://mspbackups.com/Admin/Help.aspx?c=Contents/help_MBS_API_2.0.html

    Q: How can I simplify cloud storage deployment using Active Directory?

    A: CloudBerry Managed Service provides AD (Active Directory) Bridge that allows to authenticate Windows domain users as MBS users. End users simply log into their Windows computers and start using MBS backup without a need to enter username/password that makes this authentication safe.

    Learn more at: https://mspbackups.com/Admin/Help.aspx?c=Contents/help_adbridge.html

    Q: What can I do if my customer has a big amount of data for initial backup but their upload speed is slow?

    A: If you have faster Internet connection, you may want to upload your customers’ data through your own connection and then proceed with incrementals from customers’ computers.

    Learn more at: https://mspbackups.com/Admin/Help.aspx?c=Contents/help_seeding_backup.html

    Q: My customer has hundreds of Gigabytes/Terabytes of data. Can we copy data to a drive and ship it to AWS S3 for initial upload?

    A: CloudBerry MBS supports AWS Snowball that was introduced by Amazon Web Services as a replacement for Import/Export.
    Check out our introductory blog for AWS Snowball feature (https://www.msp360.com/resources/blog/working-with-aws-snowball/).

    Q: How can I restore data using managed backup client? Can I restore data to another computer?

    A: Yes, there are several ways to start files restoration in Managed Backup client:

    Use "Restore Wizard" if you want to restore some specific files and folders.

    Restore your files selectively from the "Backup Storage" tab.

    Restore files related to a specific backup plan from the "Backup Plans" tab.

    Learn more at: https://mspbackups.com/Admin/Help.aspx?c=Contents/restore_and_continue_backup.html

    Q: I can't see space used for my storage in reports and in the control panel. It states '0 bytes'.

    A: Our Managed Backup Service gets the information about the space used directly from the backup client. If it returns 0 bytes - that means there was no backup.