• James
    I have an Exchange 2010 server that has one database over 330GB. Because the customer's Internet bandwidth is low, I've only done one full back over a year ago, everything else has been block level. I have also ran into issues when restoring a single mailbox where I've had to restore the entire database just to get to one user's mailbox. What I'd like to do is break up that database into at least 4 smaller databases so they are more manageable for both full back and restore scenarios.

    What I'm looking to accomplish is a daily block level backup of each database, then have a scheduled full backup of each database on a weekend, maybe every couple of months, but I need to do full backup of just one database per weekend, bandwidth won't support more.

    So do I setup one job for each database that does both the block level nightly and then the database on a specified day of the month, like 3rd Friday every other month? My concern with that is I can't really predict how long each job will take and I've been told that if I chain Exchange database backups, it will only do full backups. Can the schedule for Exchange database backups overlap or will they error out like image backups do?

    Or do I setup one job that only schedules block level and select all databases and let that run nightly then have a separate job that does an occasional full backup? Would the block level backup then know where to pick up at?

    Hope that makes sense. Looking for some input. Thanks.
  • Matt
    Setting up separate job for each database is not a bad idea, but I want to mention that currently we can only recommend to chain only the file plans. There is no option to set up full backup for chained plans
    Until we implement separate backup schedule for each plan the best way would be to try and re-schedule the plans manually, unfortunately.

    The second option with just one database and 2 plans is not going to work due to how Exchange operates.
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