• kurre
    just worked out that cannot backup pc disk images to AWS Glacier...I am backing up images to a QNAP NAS but need to backup to online as well. We're a small home based business 5 users.Would not need more than 8-10 TB maximum...looking for a cost effective provider...I am looking at AWS S3...anyone recommend this one or another one?
  • David Gugick
    I assume you're looking at Glacier because of the lower cost. Before you use Glacier, it's important to understand it's primarily designed for archival data that you are planning to keep for a long time and you access very infrequently (maybe once a year). Objects in Glacier take on average 4-6 hours before they are available for download and there are charges for pulling data out. In addition, you are billed a minimum of 90 days for any data you put there, even if you remove the objects before the 90 days are up. What you do get in return is a very low storage cost.

    If you still want to leverage Glacier, then you can back up to Amazon S3 and set up a Lifecycle Policy to move the data to Glacier after X days (could be as low as 1). You can set up the policy from CloudBerry using the Tools | Lifecycle Policy option or create the policy on your bucket from the AWS Management Console.

    But if you want the backups readily available, then you may want to consider using Amazon S3-Infrequent Access (which has a lower cost than S3-Standard, but does have some data out charges and a 30 day minimum retention) or you can look at some lower-cost cloud storage providers. You may want to check out Backblaze B2 and Wasabi to compare cost/features.
  • kurre
    thanks...have done a comparison of Backblaze and Wasabi and both look pretty good...decided to try out Wasabi

    thanks again
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