• Dana
    I am testing the Cloud Berry Drive software. I was wondering how to recover from a crypto virus attack. Wasabi has a versioning feature. However there isn't a retention setting nor a way to revert a large number of files back to a point in time. Is there a way to do this?

    I can Cloudberry backup to backup the drive to different cloud storage but that seems a inefficient. The versioning built into Wasabi would be more efficient.
  • David Gugick
    You should really be using our backup software for that. Drive is not backup. It's simply a way to extend your existing storage by leveraging the public cloud. If you are hot by ransomware, you could potentially lose the files in the cloud to the ransomware software.
  • Dana
    I am using your backup software to do backups. I am not using drive to backup but to take advantage of cloud storage. In fact, we use the backup to do file archiving so we can keep our files as long as we want.

    This project is to store data but keep it available for users. So when an engineering project is done, we would like to use drive to copy it to the cloud and have it years later. We have had clients lose drawings and come to use years later in hopes to find it. Drive would be great for this.

    The best solution, so far, is using the Wasabi versioning or their compliance option. What I have not found is a way to restore previous versions (in mass) in the case of ransomware. I was hoping that your explorer could do it. It may and I just don't know how yet.

    It would be great feature if drive would do versioning. The early deletion penalty doesn't expire until 90 days so why not keep versions for at least 90 days.

    If you could suggest versioning for drive it would be great. I would like to hear if explorer can manage versions as well.

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