• Jerry
    I have the trial version titled Cloudberry Backup Desktop Edition version . So far as I can tell the Synthetic Full Backup is not enabled in the trial or paid desktop edition. The first indication I had of that was this parenthetical note in the backup plan summary of a created plan: "Synthetic algorithm is OFF (allowed only in Enterprise Edition)" A minor technicality - there seems to no longer be an Enterprise Edition. Aside from that, the bigger issue is (if in fact Synthetic Full is not in the desktop edition) there is really no way to determine that before actually going through the installation and evaluation. I reviewed every piece of documentation I could find on the MSP 360 blog and website including numerous edition feature comparisons and I never saw anything about Synthetic Full. Even more frustrating is that none of the blog entries or documents i reviewed had any kind of date stamp. Several times, through anecdotal discovery I discovered I was reading about a Cloudberry edition that was several years old. For me, it challenges my confidence in a product that wants me to entrust my data to it.

    I was drawn to Cloudberry by your rapid inclusion of Backblaze B2's new support for the S3 API. But unfortunately for me, without an affordable Synthetic Full Backup it isn't going to work for my situation.

    In summary, I recommend these two very doable actions to improve the value of your documentation:
    1. Add the creation date and last updated date to all published documentation. Optionally, add the current version number at the time of writing.
    2. Increase the granularity of features included in the edition comparison. Certainly major features like Synthetic Full Backup should be visible.
  • David Gugick
    I will check with the team, but I'm not aware of image-based backup / synthetic full support being restricted in any edition other than Desktop Free.
  • David Gugick
    According the the engineering team, the message is a regression issue (mistake), but it does not affect the product operation. It only shows up when you've selected file / folder backup or are using a storage target when running an image-based backup that does not support synthetic full backups. You mentioned Backblaze B2: Are you running an image-based backup and, if so, did you select B2 S3 as the target storage type and did you create a new bucket on B2 with the appropriate option to enable S3 access?
  • Jerry
    I sure had a brain lapse on this. I was using a local disk for storage target thinking it would be an easier way to test and learn about synthetic backups and restores. Duh. I do have a B2 S3 bucket that I will be using for my real backups so I will give that a go. Thanks for your help (and patience).
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