• Lawrence Rubanka

    I need to clean up unused files in my cloud file store. I am browsing the file structure on the cloud and see the "~segments~ directory branch. This contains files from the CBB_VOLUMES with files segmented into their 10MB chunks.

    I see the ~segments branch contains the directory "Buckets /Lawrence /CBB_...6c3 /~segments /CBB_VOLUMES /storage /domains /Linux /vdisk1.img$ /20200225073908 /vdisk1.img /" with a number of segmented files.

    I also see "Buckets /Lawrence/CBB_...6c3 /CBB_VOLUMES /storage /domains /Linux /vdisk1.img$ /20200225073908 /" with a single full-size file.

    Can I delete the ~segments directories to reclaim some cloud storage space?

  • David Gugick
    If you want to clean up old backups from a machine that you are still backing up, you should only do so from the Storage tab in the UI. If you delete directly from cloud storage, the local repository will be out of sync. I’m not sure, offhand, what that folder is for. I’ll have to ask Support. Are you planning to keep backing up this Linux machine using that backup plan?
  • Lawrence Rubanka
    Hi David,

    Thanks for your response.

    I had done some manual deletions of early backups before I understood that the Backup Storage feature takes care of both the local database and the cloud file storage. I had not realised that CBB deletes all coresponding files from the cloud when they were deleted from the Backup Storage tree.

    The files I want to clean up are cases where I manually deleted directories from the CBB_VOLUMES branch in the cloud file store without deleting the related ~segments files or the related files and versions data in the CBB database via the Backup Storage menu. I have since deleted the old backup plans and files and versions from Backup Storage menu using the proper procedure.

    I am pretty sure the coresponding ~segments files need to be deleted. I am hoping to get a confirmation that this is the right approach to cleaning up after the manual delets I did previously.

    I'm also generally interested in the function of the two different directories /~segmenrs and /CBB_VOLUMES.

    Many thanks for your support,
  • David Gugick
    Here's the response. Multi-part uploads on some cloud storage platforms store the chunks in the Segments folder with the file name and pointers to the chunks in the CBB_VOLUMES folder. If you removed files in either folder, there is no easy way to easily remove the corresponding files from the other. You'll need to avoid doing that in the future and run a repository sync now on the storage account so Backup knows what's available for restore. You may also end up with some orphaned files in storage. The other thing you can do is create a new storage account to a new bucket and re-backup the files. You can remove the old bucket once you're certain it won't be needed.
  • Lawrence Rubanka
    Thanks David. That is very helpfu!
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