• Duncan McAllister
    I'm trying to set up a remote computer with RA. When I go to create the encryption key, all the options are greyed out. If I click on "Add a New Computer", I get the error message "Maximum Available 5 Contacts". Has anyone experienced this before? Have a I reached some sort of limit. I have 11 computers on the list already. Thanks in advance. Duncan M.
  • David Gugick
    On your first question, are you saying that when you go to Security Options and select "Require encryption for incoming connections," the Regenerate, Copy, and Save options are disabled? If not, can you clarify? Are you using the QuickSupport binary?

    On the second question, the maximum of 5 entries in the address book was added recently as we are getting ready to release a managed, remote assistant subscription service. We are planning to continue to support and enhance the free version, but for the near-term, the limit will be 5 address book entries. You can, of course, connect to more than 5 remote computers, but you're limited to adding a maximum of 5 in the address book. If you'd like to read more about the planned Managed Remote Assistant, please refer to this blog post and consider signing up for the beta: https://www.msp360.com/resources/blog/introducing-msp360-managed-remote-assistant/

    I realize, that for customers who have been using RA without the address book limitation, its addition is not a welcomed change, but we're hoping you stay with us - and, of course, if you're not in the market for any type of paid product, and you will only use the free version, please let us know here how you use the product (personal and / or business) and why more than 5 is so important to you. It was changed to 5 recently, but there's always the possibility that it could be increased. Thanks.
  • Duncan McAllister
    Thank you David for your speedy response. Actually, I am beta testing the MRA product, and I gather that the general RA forum may not be the place to discuss these issues. I've managed to work through most of the issues in getting this set up. I'm hesitant to keep opening tickets for Sergey, as I gather he must be swamped with stuff. Do you have a resource for the beta if I have additional questions?
    And thank you for the opportunity to help test your product. It will be very useful.
  • David Gugick
    Please keep opening tickets. Do not be hesitant. Your feedback is extremely important and we want to hear from you as much are you want to be heard :-)
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