• Ann
    Hi, I have been using CloudBerry Explorer for Windows for many years to upload to S3 web sites.
    Today I tried 360 Explorer freeware for Mac. Upload was fast but useless because all the .html files ended up with content type binary/octet-stream. Is the feature of automatically setting a reasonable content type unavailable in the free edition ?
  • Sergey N
    Not exactly, the product is still really young and we are growing the feature-set with each release, the feature you mentioned is coming a bit later in one of the upcoming updates. Important note, there will be no paid version of MSP360 Explorer for macOS all the features are available for free, forever.
  • Ann
    Any estimate for "a bit later" ?
    I do think it's great that you have Mac support in the works.
    Previously we were using S3 Organizer add-on for Firefox on Mac to upload files. It was able to set the Content-Type automatically. This worked on Mac as long as one stayed with a very old version 18 of Firefox.
    Suddenly the S3 Organizer add-on stopped working. I guess one of the security protocols finally expired on the AWS side.
    That leaves us in a bind, looking for an upload tool for a non-profit personal web site that my uncle maintains.
    If your release will be soon, before 15 July, we'll wait. Otherwise I will need to script something on the AWS side to adjust the content type after the files arrive.
    I thought possibly the "Upload Rules" feature in the 360 product was meant to handle this.
    Advice welcome.
  • Ann
    FWIW I have coded a workaround for this for my uncle for the time being.

    It would be extremely helpful to know a rough release schedule. Days? Weeks? Months? to next release? Is there a road-map available?
  • Deven
    Sorry to bump this topic.. but is there now a setting to adjust the content-type? Whenever I push an HTML file or even a CSS file, the browser tries to download the file when you go to the URL.
  • David Gugick
    I do not think this feature has been added to the Mac version of Explorer. At this point, given the age of this post, I would not feel comfortable telling you the feature is coming. You can either move to the Windows version of Explorer. Or, if you're dealing with a small number of objects, you can change the content-type in the Amazon S3 Management Console. Wish I had better news. I'll log your request in the system.
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