• Jerry
    I have a new motherboard and clean windows install. I have a CBB system image backup of my previous configuration stored on my NAS. I would like to pull a few files from that backup to reference in setting up my new system. I've tried two approaches, neither of which has worked. I would appreciate any suggestions.

    First Attempt
    I put a clean, formatted HD in my new PC and attempted to restore the entire system image to that drive. Credentials verified properly but when the restore started it was unable to find the target HD. I verified I can write to the disk, and I gave full rights to the disk to everyone, but CBB doesn't see it. I suspect a system image can only be restored to a system drive?

    Second Attempt
    I set up a new one-time restore plan and chose to manually select two files from one folder from the system backup. I chose to restore the files to their respective location in the new system. This resulted in error 1003 - "User Name or Password Incorrect". Interestingly, when using the wizard to set up this restore, CBB never prompts for credentials.

    Any ideas how to do this? My preference would be to restore the entire system image to a non system disk if that is possible as I could then easily view other config files I may run into a need for as I set up my new PC.
  • IvanS
    Hi ,

    In your case, you can try to restore your image-based backup as a virtual disk and then mount this disk to the new OS. You can restore the entire image as well as selected partitions only.
    Please refer to our blog section to get more information about this type of restore

    Hope this helps.
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