• allen bell
    They have issues. I have several instances of the remote backup and I've address those issues with sales. I only referenced that so that no one thinks that I'm just here to complain about free stuff.

    A problem I have with Remote Desktop is, right off the bat, the icons on the right side for allow and receive remote control. Some designer was really pleased that they came up with a monitor with an arrow pointing IN and another pointing OUT. So pleased he/she called the other designers and everyone thought it was great.

    So what's the problem? For me, the problem is that I use Remote Desktop every time my boss's 70 year old Aunt misplaces her Outlook Icon and her Windows10-from-hell PC and I have to find it for her ... and 70 year old people don't understand icons! Box? Arrow? PC looking thing? Monitor?

    So would it kill then to put "get access" and "allow access" in the icons?

    My point is that it's almost universal with free software, from the Linux kernel all the way down ... for programmers to program what they think, what they like, etc. in order for people to use it the way the programmers want it to be used.

    Another recent problem is the managed remote program. It's different than the original. Many more features and really great. For people who need those features. But again, I can't talk the 80 year old man through signing up for managed service and getting the email confirmation,etc... I just don't have the time.

    It would be nice to have a link to the "original" product featured prominently on the page ... or at least a line saying "sorry, the old version is no longer available" so people don't search for it all day.

    MSP needs to get more outside feedback during the design phase.
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