• Roger Averdahl
    If i have made a backup on Computer A that has been uploaded to Backblaze and i then want to do a recovery to Computer B the first backup restores as expected.

    But if i continue to take backups on Computer A for let´s say ten days and decide to restore some files using Computer B and in the Restore Wizard dialog chooses to restore the Latest Version of the files the latest versions will not be restored and they cannot be found in the Restore Source dialog either.

    To being able to fetch the latest data from the backup made om Compyter A i must do a manual Synchronize Respority. This takes a couple of seconds and i wonder why this is not done automatically. In a stressed situation it can be devestated to realize that one cannot restore the latest version of a file and in the same situation it can be easy to forget that "Ohh, i need to go to Tools > Options > Respority and let it do it´s thing.".

    The odd thing is that when i start the Recovery Wizard and select the Backblaze Backup Storage i do get a dialog saying "Retreiving aviable data types to restore" and that seems to do what one expect but it does not. It does not "fetch" the list of tha latest files and choosing Latest Version does not pick up the latest version of the file.

    If i done the first restore to Computer B 2020-07-10 and try to do a restore today 2020-08-06 the "latest version" CBB sees is the latest version since the last time Synchronize Respority, iow in this example 2020-07-10. (The source file changes every day.)

    I expect that choosing to restore the latest file would just do that without having to manually do a Synchronize Respority.

    It may be a reason behind this, and if it is please make it an option to having it turned on so it do it´s thing automagically each time i run the Restore Wizard. My backups are only around 7000-8000 files. Or put up a large dialog right in the face urging the user to do a Synchronize Respority instead of the little place it has today. Make it a dedicated dialog within the Restore Wizard.

    But the main question remains, why is Synchronize Respority a manual operation and why does not the "Retreiving aviable data types to restore" during restore not pick up the latest files and update the database?

  • David Gugick
    Computer B is unaware of what Computer A is doing. If you issue a sync, then you are telling Computer B the current state of the files in storage, but it will not know about any changes after that time. The Sync process can be time-consuming

    If you are only using Computer B for restores, you can run the agent in Restore-Only Mode and when you perform a restore operation, you'll be given the choice of computers in Backblaze and files to restore. https://help.msp360.com/cloudberry-backup/restore/restore-only-mode#:~:text=To%20restore%20data%20from%20the,launch%20in%20restore%2Donly%20mode.

    Another option if the two computers are on the same network would be to create a network share on Computer B and restore from Computer A to the share on Computer B - as that would avoid the need to run Backup on Computer B and also avoid the sync issues.

    But maybe if you describe your use case a little more we can provide some better guidance.
  • Roger Averdahl
    But maybe if you describe your use case a little more we can provide some better guidance.David Gugick
    My thinking is that if i choose Latest version in the Restore Wizard when i restore, CBB should be smart enough and fetch the latest database automatically without having the end user to do a manual Synchronize Respority.

    This is what i expect from a software year 2020 when i choose Latest version in the Restore Wizard, that the software automatically fetches the latest database. :)
  • David Gugick
    The database is not stored in the cloud or with our Managed Backup service. It is stored with the agent on the PC where the backups occur. So there's no way for computer B to get the database on computer A unfortunately.

    Having said that, I'll add a request feature to possibly do that in a future release. Thanks.
  • David Gugick
    I also want to make sure I am clear on your statement about restoring the latest versions of files. That is supported when restoring to the computer that initiated the backup. It's only when you are restoring to another PC where you either need to use Restore Only Mode or Sync the repository if you're planning to, say, move backups to a replacement PC and want to be able to retain what's already stored in the cloud. If your use case is the need to periodically restore a set of files on a second computer, then currently you need to use restore only mode or perform a sync so the second computer knows what is stored in the cloud. or, as I mentioned earlier, if the two computers are on the same network, you can issue the restore from the original computer and create a share on the second computer to receive the restored files - this will not require any additional steps regarding the repository.
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