• Roger Averdahl
    I have made a local file and folder backup (A), encrypted and with encrypted filenames. Since i cannot use the Hybrid backup feature in CBB to upload the files to the cloud directly i have made a separate file and folder backup (B) that backup the first backup (A) to Backblaze. This backup (B) to Backblaze is not encrypted and since the file names already are encrypted that feature is turned off. So the files uploaded to Backblaze are "as is". So far so good.

    When i want to restore and thus download the whole backup (B) i uploaded the restore starts but fails with an error Code:2000. (See the attached image)

    I am just downloading the files to place them on a HDD. This restore only download the files and do not restore the initial backup (A) that were encrypted and with encrypted filenames. To restore the downloaded files made in backup (A) i must create a new restore job. (That is to be expected)

    If i add the password in the Consistency Check tab for the Storage Account i can download the files from backup (B).

    Q: Since Backup (B) are uploaded without any encryption and with encrypted filenames, why am i forced to type the password for backup (A) to being able to just download backup (B)?

    CBExplorer does not require any password when downloading backup (B).

  • David Gugick
    Are you saying that when you click the Restore Files option on the Backup Plan that backed up the already encrypted files/filenames in Folder B to Backblaze which used no encryption options for that backup, the restore is prompting you for an encryption password?

    Please confirm my understanding:

    1. You created Backup Plan A that backs up a folder locally to Folder A
    2. Backup Plan A uses encryption and encrypted file names
    3. You then created Backup Plan B that backs up Folder A to Backblaze
    4. Backup Plan B does not use any encryption options as the files in Folder A are already encrypted
    5. You then click Restore Files on Backup Plan B to restore the files from Backblaze to a local folder and CloudBerry Backup prompts you for an encryption password?

  • Roger Averdahl
    No and yes

    No, i am not promted to type any password when i am doing a restore of Backup Plan B. I can of course type a password in the Encryption Options dialog during the Restore Wizard but since the Backup Plan B itself has no password i do not. The restoration starts and some files are restored but the restore job will fail within less than one minute.

    Yes, you have understood all correctly that you outline in point 1-5.

    I wrote "If i add the password in the Consistency Check tab for the Storage Account i can download the files from backup (B)." but that was wrong. If i add the password there it won´t restore anyway. The Backup Plan B will only restore successfully if i type the password in the Encryption Options dialog during the Restore Wizard.
  • David Gugick
    I was able to duplicate the issue you're running into on my system. I'm going to ask the engineering team if that's a byproduct of using file name encryption or it's a bug in the software. I'll report back when I hear back.

    Update 1: I was also able to reproduce using file encryption without filename encryption. I'm still waiting for a response from the team. I assume though, that the product detects the backup encryption even though the pre-encrypted files were backed up that second time without any encryption, but let's see what the team says.
  • Thomas R Andersen
    Did you ever resolve this issue? I have the same problem.
  • David Gugick
    What version of the software are you using?
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