• Marcus O
    I have set up CloudBerry Backup to store my data with AWS Glacier Deep Archive (GDA). Lately I see charges not only for GDA but also for something called GlacierStagingStorage.

    When I google GlacierStagingStorage it seems these costs are associated with failed multipart uploads. When uploads are aborted, they end up staying in S3 rather than being moved to GDA, and I'm being charged indefinitely for storage in S3. At least that's what I gather from reading online.

    Now, how do I purge failed multipart uploads using CloudBerry backup? I have no use for these files and would prefer not to pay for them, but I can't find any option to purge them nor can I figure out how to identify the files so that I can purge them manually from AWS. If that's even safe to do?

    Please advice, how should I get rid of these files and the associated charges?
  • David Gugick
    You can create a Lifecycle Policy that removes the incomplete multi-part uploads using this AWS guide as a reference: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/dev/mpuoverview.html#mpu-stop-incomplete-mpu-lifecycle-config

    You can do this from the S3 Management Console in AWS, under the bucket in question, on the Management tab. And then under Lifecycle Rules. Check the "Delete expired delete markers or incomplete multipart uploads" option. Then check the "Delete incomplete multipart uploads" option and I would add a couple days to the entry to avoid accidentally deleting objects that are backing up.

    I believe we attempt to remove these incomplete parts for you automatically. I will verify with the team, but it's possible that parts can remain if the backup terminates unexpectedly.
  • Marcus O
    Thanks, I appreciate the clear instructions. I will give it a try.
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