• Joe Stanton
    Having a problem using a real-time plan to supposedly monitor folders and back them up so I never lose data (or so close to "never" that I am OK). However, I just modified some files in one of the "monitored" folders and the backup has not yet detected them and backed them up, and that has been several minutes. The user interface for this service, Cloudberry Desktop Backup, shows a message "instant backup starts in XX:xx minutes". But I cannot find documentation on what that means, what it means in context of a real-time backup, or why my files are not getting "real-time" backed up.

    Does this product actually do what it says it does? I mean this with no disrespect, but right now I am doubtful that this folder monitoring loop or whatever it is does the job well enough to earn the right to claim "real-time" or even "backup". Please help me to be a happy customer. Right now I feel like I am spinning my wheels and taking a risk as my data is emphatically not getting backed up.

    Also, I was told by a support person that the best thing to do to get the file system inside a Winfows XP VMWare VMDK to get backed up was to share the folder to the host (which is Windows 10 Pro), which I did, as two drives, Y: and Z:. The backup plan includes various folders first from the host PC C: drive and then various folders on these Y: and Z: drives. But the backup simply stops after processing the C: drive folders and enters this mode where a green bar moves across the progress bar window in waiting pattern I'd call it, and does nothing, except state the instant backup will start in so many minutes, then those minutes pass, and nothing occurs.

    Experience this? Simple fix available? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?
  • Joe Stanton
    I should add that the drives from the VM are mapped from a running VM and the VMDK is mapped in read-only mode (VMWare does not allow it otherwise, e.g. it threw an error when I tried).
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