• BackupFan

    What is the best way to remove the data backed up to Wasabi when you no longer need a machine's backup? Over the past year, we have removed a few machines from MSP360, but the data is still in Wasabi. Should we just select the folder with the machine's name and delete it? Or is there a better way to clear up that space in our cloud storage?

  • David GugickAccepted Answer
    Two options:
    1 - If you are still using the computer in question for backups, but do not need some older backups from old backup plans you are no longer using, you should use the Storage tab in the agent, right-click the folder in the left pane that is no longer needed, and select Delete. That will remove the backup files and ensure the local repository is kept in sync with the storage.
    2- If you are no longer backing up the computer in question and the software agent has already been removed, then you can delete the folder from the cloud storage provider's management console (just be careful to avoid removing the wrong folder).

    If you're working with a different use case, let me know.

  • BackupFan
    Our situation is the second option you mentioned. Thank you for your help!
  • BackupFan
    Hello David,

    I have a follow-up question. On Wasabi we seem to have two backup folders listed for the same computer. What might have happened was that during the initial setup of a replacement computer, the machine had not yet been named, so there is a computer with a default "Desktop-x" name and a computer with the correct name.
    In this scenario, how would you be sure which folder is the active one? Drilling down beneath the "CBB_Configuration" folder there are subfolders with dates, but these are all from late last year.
  • BackupFan
    @David Gugick David,
    Were you able to find out how to tell which folder is the in-use folder in this scenario where there are two backup folders on Wasabi for the same computer?

    Thank you.
  • David Gugick
    The active folder is probably the one that matches the current backup prefix in the product. If the incorrect backup prefix were initially used, then it stands to reason that all of the data was backed up to that prefix. If you then changed the prefix to the original name then it's likely the data was synchronized at that time and then updated accordingly. But if I were you I would reach out to the support team and see if they can assist.
  • ysabel
    HI, Mine is the second option but I do not see in the msp360 console where to delete the folders ... I do not see that option
  • David Gugick
    You’d have to delete from the agent’s Storage tab to remove backup data no longer needed. Right-click the folder and select the option to delete.
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