• Chasim
    By default (if applied), the Lifecycle Policy - Set Transition (for Amazon S3) has Standard-IA checked for Transition in 30 days and Archive to Glacier checked for Transition in 0 days. As I interpret this default setting, it would move files not accessed for 30 days to Standard I-A and then immediately move them to Glacier.

    So, how is this default setting different than just unchecking Standard I-A and leaving Glacier checked/selected and set for Transition in 30 days? Wouldn't files just be moved to Glacier in 30 days either way? Or would the difference be that with Standard-IA checked, the files would have to be inactive for 30 days before being moved to Glacier versus automatically moved to Glacier after 30 days even if accessed in the last 30 days? If so, wouldn't the default setting cause you to incur Standard-IA charges because they would not be stored in Standard-IA for the 30 day minimum?


  • David GugickAccepted Answer
    I want to clarify a couple items. One, there is no default lifecycle policy that we use with S3. Meaning, data goes to S3, S3-IA, or Glacier based on the backup plan settings. However, when you click on the Lifecycle Policy option in CloudBerry Backup, there are some defaults that are on the dialog - but those default setting are not actually considered "validated" for S3 and we already have a plan to show better defaults and perform better policy verification in an upcoming release.

    If you go to your AWS Console and define a new Lifecycle Policy when moving data from S3-Standard, you'll see that if you want to move data to S3-IA, you need to keep it first in S3-Standard for a minimum of 30 days. To move to Glacier from S3-IA, you need to use a minimum of 60 days, since S3-IA has a 30 days minimum retention period, These are days from file/blob creation in S3.

    While S3 is accepting a 0 days transition from S3-Standard to Glacier and 30 days from S3-Standard to S3-IA, it's obvious that makes no sense. What will happen is data will move that first day frmo S3-Standard to Glacier if 0 Days is used and the data will never see S3-IA.

    What is your goal with your backup data?
  • Chasim
    It sounds like the default Lifecycle Policy setting (if enabled/applied) is in fact confusing. I have one backup set to transition to Glacier in 0 days (so straight to Glacier) and my other backup set to transition to S3-IA after 30 days (which is the minimum), so I think I am fine, but the changes in the upcoming release will be appreciated.

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