• bk256
    Can I set up Cloudberry Backup as an admin and schedule it to run daily in the background so that users are not aware that this is taking place? Is there a way to remotely monitor this?
  • David Gugick
    CloudBerry Backup is a stand-alone solution. Meaning, each instance needs to be managed individually. You can have the product send notification emails as a part of the backup and restore plans in all cases or only when jobs fail. You can also have the product write out an entry to the Windows Event Log and scrape those logs with a monitoring tool to get status that way.

    As far as running in the background, you can certainly do that. The product runs under the service account you assign and no one needs to be logged into Windows for backups to run. You can also protect the console with a master password (Options | General) to keep users from running the product and changing plans.

    Having said that, the best option may be to move to our backup-as-a-service CloudBerry Managed Backup Service (MBS) which provides you all the centralized administration, monitoring, and control from our web-based portal. MBS is a subscription service and the sales team would be more than happy to tell you more about it and provide a demo if you have interest.
  • bk256
    Thank you. Very helpful response.
  • jeff kohl
    regarding screen scraping or using data from event logs for monitoring...I have found that the results in the event log indicated a failure even though the history entry indcates a success. Where can I find the source of the history data? can it be logged so I can access it from an RMM product or can I retrieve from the windows registry somewhere. Seems like we should not have to wait for integration with each RMM but be able to pull the success/fail data ourselves. Anyone done this?
  • Matt
    All of that info comes from the local repository and its history records. As David mentioned, the best way would be to use our managed backup product, but there may be third-party solutions that will help in monitoring backup statuses.
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